When A Guy Watches You Sleep What Does It Mean

When you opened your eyes, your eyes met. You realized that he was watching you sleep.

When A Guy Watches You Sleep What Does It Mean

You found it romantic. But later on, it made you wonder – What does it mean when a guy watches you sleep, cuddles you all night, or when he stares into your eyes in bed?

When you think about it, it’s creepy when he stares at you while sleeping. If this has never happened to you before, you are bound to be troubled by his behavior. Is it just a sweet gesture and that he is in love with you? Or, is it something sinister?

There’s no need to get worked up over this. Either he is head over heels in love with you or there’s something he doesn’t reveal or you don’t understand. Read on to learn more about his reasons when he stares at you while sleeping.

What does he mean by watching you sound asleep?

When you fall asleep, you don’t know what is happening around you. You have been together for a while now and you trust him. You have no reason to be vigilant when you fall asleep. 

When you woke up and found him looking at you intensely, you took it as a romantic and sweet gesture. But is it? Let’s see.

1. He is in love with you

He is troubled by something and all through the day, he felt on the edge. Even though he lay down to sleep, he couldn’t as his mind was running around in circles trying to resolve the issue. When he saw you sleeping peacefully beside him, he felt it calming his nerves. He continued to look at your sleeping figure all night. 

Even though not a word was spoken between you and him, he still found your presence in his life reassuring. He felt grateful to have you in his life. He could feel pure love surging in his heart. He loves you. Period.

2. He is considering taking your relationship to the next level

This is a big decision. But before he talks to you about it, he wants to be extra sure about it himself. All night he has been thinking about the possibilities with and without you. While thinking his gaze unconsciously got stuck on your sleeping figure and stayed there all the time until you woke up.

If you find a guy watching you asleep, most probably, he’s considering taking a big step forward in the relationship. If you are going steady, maybe he’s planning to ask you to marry him. You better be ready with your response and don’t be taken by surprise. If you think he is the one for you, you can say “yes” right away. But if you think things are moving too fast for you, express your feelings with clarity. Because it’s easy to say the wrong things on occasions like this and regret them later.

3. He’s having a flashback

Maybe he’s an early riser or needs very little sleep. When he woke up and found you asleep next to him, he found his mind flooded with memories of your journey together. He’s suddenly reminded that you have been together for so long and had shared some wonderful moments. He realizes that he’s happy with where he’s now in life and feels thankful for your presence. He continues to stare at your sleeping figure while thinking all these thoughts.

He has seen how relationships go awry for many people he knew. Finding the right person as the life partner indeed involves a great deal of luck. He considers himself lucky to have found you. 

4. He’s crazy about you

In fact, he’s infatuated with you and all he can think of is you. He can’t get enough of you. He can’t imagine a life without you But he hasn’t yet said anything to you. Neither have you brought up the topic. He’s not good at verbalizing his emotions. But he doesn’t want to mess it up with you. So, he’s trying to form appropriate words to express his feelings for you all the while watching you sleep.

If you love a person, it’s important to say it aloud. Keeping your feelings bottled up is not going to help anyone. However, it’s important to express your feelings and not say things just to please your partner.

5. He’s reminded of someone

Every time he looks at you, he’s reminded of someone else. Maybe his ex. This starts a train of thought running in his head. He starts thinking about his ex, their time together, and even the events that lead to the breakup. Or maybe you resemble his first crush and he starts reminiscing how his life would have turned out if he had dated her.

He may never tell you about this even if you asked him. So, learn not to broach the subject. Leave it be. After all, his reminiscing doesn’t help or hurt you in any way.

6. His heart is brimming with emotions

He’s in love with you and is incredibly grateful to have met you. He feels overwhelmed with all the emotions he’s feeling. He wants to say thanks to the Universe for bringing you two together. He finds the silence at night perfect for this.

Before he met you, he wasn’t as sure and confident about life and goals. He wasn’t sure what he wanted to do in life or where he was headed. With you by his side offering a stabilizing presence, he now feels he’s ready to conquer the world. And he’s incredibly thankful to the Universe for this turn of events.

7. He’s lost without you

You have become such an integral part of his life that he can’t imagine how he would live without you. He knows that you are the perfect partner that he has been searching for all his life. If you find him staring at you when you’re sound asleep, he must be having these thoughts.

When a guy feels this way about you, you should also step up and play your part well. If the time is right, take your relationship to the next level.

8. He has complete trust in you

When he sees you lying beside him sleeping peacefully, he realizes how much you trust him. Then, he begins to realize that he too trusts you completely. When there is so much trust in the relationship, it cannot go wrong. Maybe it’s time for you to take the next step in the relationship.

It’s indeed a calming sight for him to see you sound asleep beside him. He wants this moment to continue forever. He finds it soothing to watch you sleeping.

9. He’s about to ask you to marry him

He’s convinced that you’re the one and he feels your relationship is going in the right direction. He may think, “Why wait any longer?”. He may be planning to make your relationship official. 

He wants the proposal to be perfect in every sense. He may be playing the scene in his mind while watching you sleep. How he will go down on his knees and say the words. He may be thinking about the right words to tell you and from where he’s going to buy the ring. He may want to have clarity on the five W’s – what, when, where, who, why, and how – about the proposal.

10. He’s cheating on you

Maybe he didn’t intend to cheat but cheated anyway. Now, he’s feeling guilty about it. He finds it impossible to sleep. So many thoughts are running through his head. Should he tell you about it? Should he apologize? Or, is it better to keep it hidden from you?

This is a dilemma that has no easy solution. This is what keeps him awake at night. He will continue to stare at you and weigh the pros and cons of each argument. He’s still undecided when you wake up and find him watching you. Maybe he wants to own up to his mistakes and ask for your forgiveness. But he’s afraid that you will walk away.

11. He’s bidding time until you fall asleep

This may mean good or bad. Maybe he wants to surprise you and is waiting for you to sleep to get the surprise ready before you wake up. Such as a birthday, anniversary, or even propose to you.

However, he may do the same with ulterior motives as well. He may be waiting for you to fall asleep so that he can search your handbag, phone, or laptop. Either way, you are going to be surprised when you wake up and see him staring at you.

12. He’s angry at you

Maybe he’s not happy about something you did or said and feels annoyed and angry at you. He may not have said anything to you about this but he’s planning to. He lies awake at night thinking of ways to express his displeasure. At some point, he may even feel like waking you up in the middle of the night to talk about it. 

If you already sense that something is not well, you may take the initiative to start a conversation with him. Stay calm and express your thoughts as clearly and succinctly as you can. Talking about it is the only way to resolve this situation. The more you postpone the talk, the worse it will get for both of you.

13. He’s starving and wants a midnight snack

If it’s your place, he may not be familiar with the kitchen settings. He may be debating whether he should wake you and ask you about it. He may not want to roam around an unfamiliar house searching for food. 

What should you do when a guy watches you sleep?

When you find your boyfriend watching you sleep, it can mean that either he’s crazy in love with you or he’s thinking of breaking up. The fact that he’s looking at you alone isn’t enough to know what exactly he’s thinking. You may have to do more work to figure out the meaning of his action.

Once you’re aware of the meaning, you can decide on the right approach. If you think he’s in love with you, express your feelings in no uncertain terms.

Here are a few suggestions for you to consider.

  • Kiss him and hold him in a tight embrace.
  • Cuddle him and tell him that you love him.
  • Make love to him.
  • Ask him what is up.
  • Let him know that you feel the same way towards him.
  • Look him in the eyes and take his hands in yours.
  • Let him talk to you about what is troubling him.

The Bottom Line

When a guy watches you sleep, there’s always a chance that his intentions aren’t good. But more often than not, he’s in love with you and can’t take his eyes off you. When you wake up and find him staring at you, you may find it creepy and disconcerting. Take it as a sweet gesture of a lover boy.

If it still makes you feel uncomfortable, talk to him about it. As you might be aware, communication is the key to a happy and healthy relationship.