When A Guy Calls You Shawty (7 Meanings)

Have you ever had a guy call out, “Hey, shawty!” as you walk down the street? If so, you probably wondered exactly what he meant by that. When a guy calls you “shawty,” it can take some figuring.

when a guy calls you shawty

The word “shawty” is a slang term that guys often use when talking to an attractive girl or woman. It comes from the word “shorty,” which refers to someone physically short in height. But over time, it has come to be used as a compliment.

So, what does it mean when a guy calls you Shawty? He might be trying to say a few things, including that he likely thinks you are cute, wants to get your attention and start chatting, or just flirts playfully, hoping you’ll flirt back. Some guys use the casual term “shawty” with every woman they find attractive.

This article explores 7 meanings for the origins of ‘shawty’ as a slang term used by men toward attractive women, analyzes the array of intentions behind a guy calling you shawty, from flattery to flirtation, and provides tips on how to respond confidently in a way that keeps you comfortable whether you want to engage further or keep on walking. 

So, the next time you hear a guy shout, “Hey, Shawty!” don’t be offended. Chances are he’s just trying to get your attention because he likes how you look! Let’s read on.

What Does it Mean When a Guy Calls You Shawty?

1. He thinks you’re attractive

Men typically use the term when they see an attractive woman; they want to attract attention. For guys, Shawty is a way of telling a female they find her appearance appealing without saying, “I’m attracted to you directly.”

Instead, they’ll shout something like “Hey Shawty, wait up!” or use the term of endearment as you walk past them. It’s their way of letting you know they think you’re hot in a casual, flirtatious way. 

2. He wants to get your phone number

Another common meaning when a guy calls you Shawty is that he wants to get your digits. Essentially, he finds you appealing and hopes that by using a fun, flirty nickname, he’ll get to chat with you more.

Men who say, ” Hey, Shawty, can I get your number?” aren’t typically looking for a long-term relationship. But they want to talk, text, or go out sometime.

He likely hopes the casual pet name will catch your attention and make you more open to sharing your phone number with him.

Ultimately, guys know dropping a flirty “shawty” is a time-tested way to show feeling and attract a woman they think is hot. And their end goal is usually to get those digits!

3. He uses “shawty” as a general nickname for women

Finally, some guys use “shawty” as a generic nickname when addressing or referring to ladies. So if a boy calls you Shawty, it may be a force of habit because that’s their go-to term for all women.

For these men, shawty is not necessarily a sign he finds you exceptionally attractive or wants your number. He’s likely just so used to using the casual pet name with females that he says it without thinking.

So, in this case, being called shawty may mean very little. It’s more of a learned behavior and typical vocabulary for that particular guy than any reflection on how he views you or finds you looking.

The context makes a difference here. If he seems interested in you specifically, he may mean it flirtatiously. But he could also be a man who refers to all women as shawty regardless of his interest.

4. He wants to compliment your outfit

Terms like shawty are often used to refer to an attractive woman. So, if a dude shouts, “Cute outfit, shawty!” as you walk by, he shows he appreciates your dress.

In this instance, he may not even want to stop and chat. He sees a lady looking good, so he calls out a friendly catcall to let you know. It’s his way of quickly paying a compliment on the fly. 

5. He wants to start a conversation and get to know you

If a guy comes up to you in public and asks, “What’s good, shawty?” he might be trying to start some friendly banter. Pay attention to context clues when this happens.

Read his body language. Does he seem open and want helpful opinions, or does he appear pushy or make you uncomfortable?

Go with your gut. There’s nothing wrong with innocent flirting with a new partner. Just be clear if you’re not interested.

6. He’s being flirtatious and hopes you’ll flirt back

Of course, some guys use “shawty” precisely because it’s a known flirtation tactic. If a man smiles, winks, and says, “Dang, shawty is looking good today!” – he wants you to flirt back.

When flirting, men often refer to women as shawty to keep things light. This term started as slang and evolved as it caught on. But now, lines like “What’s up, shawty?” or “Hey there, shawty!” are common ways for dudes to shoot their shot.

So, if a guy calls you Shawty or Shorty with a grin, he’s likely just a flirt who wants you to smile back. Consider if you feel like engaging – if not, you can always ignore it, say you have a boyfriend, or keep walking by.

7. He’s seeking a casual one-time hookup

To be blunt, some guys on the prowl for a hookup will overuse pet names like “Shawty” toward any girl that catches their eye. In this instance, the nickname isn’t necessarily personal. The man is just playing a numbers game, hoping to get lucky with someone.

Of course, not every dude who calls you Shawty is immediately angling for sex. But if he comes on too strong right away, he may just be firing random shots in hopes one lands.

Remember if a thirsty guy calls you Shawty and starts getting flirty fast? Consider your safety and trust instincts, and shut it down if you’re not interested in walking away calmly. Don’t worry about sounding rude… focus on removing yourself from the instance.

How to Respond When A Guy Calls You Shawty

Politely state your name

If a guy calls you “Shawty” and you want him to know your name, tell him! Respond with something like: “I’m Claire. Nice to meet you!” This lets him know you don’t go by “shawty” while keeping things friendly.

Most men will respect this polite boundary. And then, hopefully, use Claire rather than “Shawty” going forward!

Keep walking if uninterested

If a dude yells, “Hey, shawty!” and you’re not interested, keep walking confidently. You don’t owe strangers who catcall you any of your time.

Having headphones in is a great way to pretend you don’t even hear what they’re saying. But even without, act like you’re late to meet a friend and must be on your way. A firm but polite “No thank you” as you walk away works, too.

Call him a funny nickname back

If you want to chat but aren’t feeling “shawty,” give him a taste of his medicine! When he says, “What’s up, shawty?” – respond by calling him “slim” or “hunk” or whatever funny nickname you think suits him. He’ll likely laugh while getting the hint.

Playful banter using silly nicknames you make up on the spot is a harmless way to engage without discomfort. Keep it light, don’t give out personal details early, and end the chat if he asks too many prying questions.

Ask how you can help if you want to chat

When a random guy says, “Excuse me, Shawty!” you can respond politely if interested. Make eye contact, smile warmly, and say something like: “I’m Claire, what’s up?” or “How can I help you out?”

This gives him the green light to start an actual conversation. If he wastes this chance by asking creepy questions, revert to walking away. But if he seems kind, you might enjoy a fun, harmless chat before going about your day.

The key is to trust your instincts and always put personal safety first! Don’t worry about sounding rude if you need to exit a chat fast. But when it feels right, a quick sidewalk convo can be a cool way to connect.

Things to Consider

It’s usually intended as a compliment

When a guy calls you “shawty,” it’s usually meant as a compliment, even if it feels unfamiliar. Remember, it evolved from a slang term men use to refer to attractive, shorter women.

So try not to automatically get offended if some random dude seems to think calling you “Shawty” is a good way to break the ice. Oddly, he finds you cute, and the nickname comes naturally to him.

Of course, some guys do use Shawty creepily. But in most cases, it’s truly intended as a misguided compliment from a man trying his best to impress you.

Think about your safety and comfort level

However, just because a man means it nicely doesn’t make catcalling ok if it makes you uncomfortable. Before answering, check in with yourself first.

If you feel safe stopping, aren’t busy getting somewhere, and think he seems decent, engaging could be acceptable. But never feel pressured to chat with strangers if we’re not in the mood.

Consider context, too – is he respecting your space or standing uncomfortably close? Trust your gut, and don’t worry about what guys might think if you need to keep confidently walking.

Having a friendly, matter-of-fact response planned helps

To avoid feeling flustered if a random dude calls you “shawty,” having a firm but polite reply ready helps.

Simple responses like “I’m just heading to work, but thanks!” let him know you’re not available to talk without being rude if you won’t stop.

Or laughing while saying, “Oh wow, Shawty!?! That’s a new one!” keeps things light while typically ending the interaction.

This way, you don’t have to fret about how to answer when addressed as “shawty.” Having a script in mind makes turning him down quick and easy!

Final Thoughts

A guy calling you “shawty” is typically meant as a compliment, even if the slang term feels odd or surprising. It has evolved to refer to an attractive female – so take it as a sign he thinks you look nice!

However, that doesn’t make catcalling okay if you find it unwanted. Your comfort and safety come first, so don’t hesitate to ignore and walk on by if some random dude shouts, “Hey, shawty!” and you’re not interested. 

But if you feel safe engaging and want to test the waters, go for it! A polite yet assertive response, like stating your actual name planned ahead of time, helps keep flattery from going to a creepy place.

So next time you hear that call of “Shawty!” brush off any annoyance, hold your head high, and remember – he likely thinks you look good! Either embrace the confidence boost and chat or keep strutting along proudly if you don’t have time! Either way, you do YOU.