When a Guy Asks How Was Your Weekend (Reasons & What to Do)

You are back to your routine on Monday after a weekend. And, this guy asks how was your weekend! This naturally makes you wonder why.

When a Guy Asks How Was Your Weekend

Was that an innocent question from a friend or a colleague? Or is it something more than that?

Typically when someone asks you how your weekend was, especially a guy, he wants to know you better by gathering more information about you. Of course, a guy may ask this question without any motive as well, but the chances of this are quite low.

This guy wants to ascertain whether you had a good time during the weekend and with whom. Maybe he would ask you out on a date for the next weekend depending on your answer. 

He can gather a lot of information about you from the tone and manner of your response. Did you answer him enthusiastically? Were you bubbling with happiness about your weekend? Did you take his question seriously and answer him with interest and excitement?

If the answers to the above questions are undoubtedly yes, he will know that he has a chance with you. If you seem disinterested and your spirits are low, he knows that his chances are low. But he may still get somewhere with hard work.

When someone asks this kind of open-ended question, it is an attempt to get to know you better. It is a clear indication of his interest in you but this interest need not be romantic alone.

In this article, we will explore the common meanings when a guy asks how was your weekend. Here, you will also find some suggestions on how you can respond to the situation. 

Meanings when a guy asks how was your weekend

When a guy asks how was your weekend, discerning the meaning of the question can be difficult. He may be trying to make conversation or he may be throwing subtle hints that he is attracted to you.

He may also be trying to find out more about you – whether you are already in a relationship or whether you are the right kind of partner for him. As there are so many possible meanings to this simple question, it would be better for you to take a safe path and give him a neutral answer.

Here are some of the reasons why he asks you about your weekend.

He is planning a date

Guys are usually a bit hesitant to ask a girl out on a date for the first time as they are apprehensive about the reaction. They have the mortal fear of being rejected by the girl and they feel that they will never recover from such an incident. 

So, to make it easier and safer for themselves, they try to build the background and get to know the girl as much as possible. Often these innocuous questions are meant to gather information. Moreover, guys feel that once they establish a rapport with the girl, things will be smooth sailing for them. 

When a guy asks you about your weekend, he’s trying to gauge your mood, how you would like to spend your weekend, and your possible reaction if he asks you out next weekend. If he is not already aware, he may also want to know whether you already have a boyfriend. This is crucial information he should have before asking you out on a date. 

You need to understand that he is just playing it safe with these questions. 

He wants to know you better

He finds you interesting for sure and wants to spend more time with you. But you shouldn’t jump to conclusions here. His intentions may be romantic or platonic. For all you know, he may think of you as a good friend.

If a guy wants to connect with you, irrespective of the reason, this is something he may do. Though simple and innocent, this question can be used in any situation and interpreted in any way you want. This will put him at ease, knowing you will not accuse him of overstepping the boundaries.

With this question, all he may want is to know more about you, your likes and dislikes. He may be trying to know if you already are in a relationship and figure out if you are suitable for him as a partner. 

This is a good conversation starter. Depending on your response, this conversation can progress in any direction. On your part, it would be unwise to jump to the conclusion that this guy is interested in you romantically.

He is trying to find out if you are in a relationship

That is understandable from a guy who is attracted to you. He may not want to waste his time pursuing you when you are already dating someone else. 

So, if he doesn’t spot you with a guy all week, he may want to know whether you spent time with your boyfriend during the weekend. Asking this directly may be awkward for him as well as for you. So, naturally, he disguises his question by generalizing it.

When a guy asks you about your weekend, you may answer that it was great or boring. With a few more follow-up questions, he can get more information about whom you spent the weekend with. This is enough to give him a clue about your relationship status.

You cannot fault the guy for going about this simple task in a roundabout way. He may be feeling too scared to approach you for a date without checking out your background. That is what he is doing with this friendly and casual question.

He is making small talk

This guy may be your friend or colleague. You guys get thrown together on many occasions. He may ask this question just for the sake of small talk or a friendly conversation. There may be nothing more to this question than that. If you are searching for deeper meanings, you may be wasting your time.

When you are meeting someone on a Monday morning, asking how their weekend was is a normal conversation starter or small talk. From your answer, they may get a clue about your personality and can continue the conversation in a direction that is agreeable to both of you. 

It may be a complete waste of time trying to figure out his “real” intentions behind the question when he didn’t mean anything more.

How should you react when a guy asks you about your weekend?

If you are an easygoing person and never overthink about the situations you come across, you will be fine. You will answer the question as naturally as it was asked. And, that would be the end of this saga.

However, if you are the kind of person who wants to “figure” things out completely before taking any action, you are in trouble. When you hear this question from a guy, you are bound to feel confused as there is no easy way to find out why he is asking you this question. Unless you get a clear idea about his intention, you may have a hard time answering it.

Such an innocent and common question asked on a Monday morning can throw you off balance. Even if this was meant as a casual question, how much should you share? If you didn’t give a proper answer, would the guy feel offended? If you share too much, will it come out as bragging?

This is what is called a loaded question. There is no wrong answer but there is no right answer either. 

Here you will find listed a few tips to answer this question that you may consider.

Don’t give one-word answers

“Great”, “Wonderful”, “Meh”, or “Boring” are strictly no-no. You may think that these answers convey everything that you want to say but the listener won’t feel satisfied with single-word answers. They may naturally want to know more. Instead of forcing them to ask follow-up questions, you can volunteer some more information to whet their curiosity. Moreover, answering like that will feel like a formal question-answer session or even an interrogation.

More often a guy asks you about your weekend to get to know you more. In this scenario, they won’t be happy with your single-word answers. They may want more information on why you feel you had a good time or you didn’t enjoy your weekend. 

If this was meant as a conversation starter, your one-word reply would kill the conversation before it even took off. If you like the guy, this is your opportunity to get to know him and let him know more about you.

For instance, you could reply, “It was hectic but very much enjoyable. Went out partying with friends on Friday night and attended a family get-together on Sunday. Saturday was for cleaning, washing, shopping, and running errands.”

“Nothing great. How was yours?”

If you don’t want to share how you spend your weekend with this guy for reasons of your own, it is best to reply “Nothing special”. You can follow it up by asking him how his weekend was. If it is a conversion that this guy is seeking with you, he should be satisfied with your response.  However, if he wants to know you better, this will disappoint him as you are not divulging any information about yourself.

When you ask him about his weekend, you are showing clear interest in him. This will remove some of the disappointment he may feel when you say, “Nothing special”. And, you may not come out as rude for not sharing your activities with him. It is an indication that you are genuinely interested in him and to continue a conversation with him.

Again, this is the perfect response for you if you actually did nothing during the weekend worth mentioning. Such as cleaning your place, cooking some food, going shopping, and/or watching TV. 

“Had a great weekend”

This is a good response if you really enjoyed your weekend. But when you say that you had a good time, be ready for follow-up questions from him. Because with this answer, you are showing your interest in divulging more information. 

In fact, you need not wait for him to ask more questions about the weekend. You can volunteer some more basic details about your weekend on your own. 

It is only proper that you ask him about his weekend after describing yours. If you are not keen on revealing too many details about your weekend, this would be ideal to take the spotlight away from you.

The Bottom Line

Someone asking you about your weekend is always a pleasant experience, as it reflects their genuine interest in your well-being and recent activities. It serves as an excellent icebreaker for initiating a conversation and deepening one’s understanding of another person.

When a guy asks you about your weekend, it typically signifies his curiosity about the enjoyable and eventful moments you may have encountered. This presents an ideal opportunity to exchange anecdotes and share your experiences, indicating his genuine interest in your life.

The most effective approach to responding to this question involves providing a concise summary of your weekend activities. It is advisable to maintain a positive and cheerful tone in your response, even if your weekend was relatively uneventful. For instance, you can say something like, “I had a wonderfully relaxing weekend, catching up on much-needed rest and enjoying quality time with friends.”