When A Guy Asks About Your Weekend Plans

So, a guy just asked you about your weekend plans. What does it mean when a guy asks you how you want to spend Saturday and Sunday?

When A Guy Asks About Your Weekend Plans

He may have something specific in mind or just be making small talk. Whatever the reason, it can catch you off guard. Before you reply to his texts or calls about your free time, let’s walk through the top 10 reasons a guy might ask.

Understanding why he’s asking will help you determine the best response. That way, you can feel more confident addressing the weekend question of whether you want to hang out with him.

10 Reasons Why A Guy Asks About Your Weekend Plans 

1. He wants to ask a girl out on a date

If he seems genuinely interested and wants to know if you’d like to spend Saturday night at dinner and a movie, he’s probably trying to flirt and get that opportunity to get to know you romantically.

If you’re into him too, say, “My weekend’s wide open! Did you want to make plans together?” But if you’d rather decline a date, it would be better to say you’re busy helping a friend that day.

2. He wants to invite you on a trip or staycation

A guy asking about your weekend plans could also be him trying to invite you on a fun trip or staycation. Maybe he scored some sweet hotel points he wants to use to relax out of town, or he has concert tickets in the next city.

If a weekend getaway with this someone sounds fun, tell him your weekend is free and you’d love ideas for a bit of vacation! But if that’d feel like too much 1-on-1 time too soon, you can politely say you have family plans that weekend.

3. He wants to spend casual time together

There’s also a chance a guy asks about your weekend to spend some casual time together as friends. If you get the vibe he wants to share company going apple picking or checking out a craft fair, he probably isn’t necessarily interested in you romantically.

But don’t feel pressured to say yes if you’d instead make other plans. A simple “Thanks for thinking of me, but I’ll be pretty busy this weekend!” works too.

4. He wants to introduce you to his friends

When a guy asks for details about your weekend plans, it might be because he wants to introduce you to his friend group. If a guy asks how your weekend looks, it could be his leisurely way to keep the conversation going and see if meeting up with his buddies is something you’d be into.

If you’d genuinely enjoy that, a neutral answer like “No set plans yet!” would give him the opening to ask if you want to meet his crew. But if being surrounded by a guy’s friends feels too fast, making other plans politely is advisable.

5. He wants your help or advice with something

A guy might also be trying to know if you’re free to lend a helpful opinion or advice about something he’s working on. Maybe this guy wants input on his car repairs or help brainstorming a creative project.

If you’d happily assist with that, definitely say your weekend has flexibility. But if playing consultant isn’t on your plans for the weekend, feel free to tell him you’ll be tied up both days.

6. He’s just making small talk

There’s also a decent chance the guy is simply making casual small talk and asks about weekend plans out of habit. Remember that just because someone asks about your schedule doesn’t automatically mean they’re angling to be included.

If you get the sense it’s merely friendly chit-chat, gauge if you want to throw him an open-ended “No set decisions yet, what about you?” or answer vaguely with “Oh, keeping things pretty low-key.” Oversharing plans can welcome invites if you’d prefer not to spend time together.

7. He’s curious or nosy about your life

A guy asking about your plans for this weekend may be him showing innocent interest in your life in general. Whether you had a good week at work, fun plans with friends on Friday night, or just running errands, he might be trying to make friendly small talk and conversation.

If you understand that’s all it is, an easy way to reply is to briefly mention your overall weekend agenda, but don’t feel the need to give him full access to every little detail. A simple “Oh, this and that!” leaves it vague enough.

8. He wants to seem friendly and interested

Another reason could also be that he’s trying to come across as friendly and interested in getting to know you better. Asking about your weekend is an easy conversation starter for him.

If you do want to continue chatting, go ahead and loosely mention your plans. But if you think he has other motives, answering politely without offering up too much or inviting him along is perfectly alright.

9. He wants to confirm plans you already discussed

Maybe earlier in the week, he brought up getting together and is now circle-backing to finalize the details with you. If that’s the case, a weekend update is harmless to provide.

But if your circumstances change or you want to back out of previous plans with him, it’s best to politely address that now versus flaking the day of.

10. He wants to relay information to someone else

There’s also the off-chance a guy asks about your weekend simply because he wants information to relay plans to someone connected to you.

Whether it’s a mutual friend organizing a meetup or related to an event you discussed, his motive might be getting info rather than spending time himself.

If you suspect that’s all, you can politely provide broad strokes about your general availability. But unless there’s already something concrete planned that he needs updating on, don’t feel pressured to outline your full schedule upon request.

What To Do If You Want to Spend Time With Him

Be open about your availability

Read his body language and other cues to see if he genuinely wants to connect or try to build a relationship. Being available this weekend is a relaxing way to find out!

You can gauge his intentions by saying, “My weekend’s pretty free if you want to get together and make plans?” I suggest being spontaneous and seeing where the day takes you both. 

Suggest specific plans if he doesn’t

If a guy asks how your weekend looks but doesn’t suggest anything particular, go ahead and take the lead if you’re interested! Reciprocate enthusiasm and say, “I’d love to grab dinner on Saturday if you’re free?” Picking a specific activity makes it simple for him to accept a solid date invite if he wants.

And if next weekend works better for him, that still gives you both something to look forward to planning together. Taking the reins shows him you’re reciprocating interest in hanging out.

Reciprocate interest and enthusiasm

If you’re into the guy asking about your weekend, reciprocate that interest and enthusiasm in your reply! Use open, inviting body language and a friendly tone, even through texts or phone calls.

This welcome energy shows him you’re genuinely looking forward to spending time together this weekend or the next.

What To Do If You Don’t Want to Spend Time With Him

Politely say you have other plans

If you don’t want to risk rejection by directly declining his invite, start by politely saying you already have other plans for the weekend.

Keep details vague if you aren’t comfortable sharing or inviting him along. A simple “Aw, wish I could, but I’ll be out of town all weekend” won’t make him feel brushed off.

Keep the details vague if you must decline

If you don’t feel comfortable accepting a guy’s invitation to spend the weekend together, it’s alright to decline while keeping details vague politely. You aren’t obligated to give him a detailed account of your schedule or other plans if you prefer not to hang out one-on-one.

When turning down his offer, you can say, “I appreciate the invite, but I already have plans this weekend.” You don’t need to explain precisely what those existing plans are.

Whether you’re catching up on Netflix binging solo, have family in town, or are going away with friends, he doesn’t necessarily need all those specifics.

Deflect to another time if you wish to be polite

You can also deflect to another time if you want to let him down easily while being polite. Say something like, “Ah shoot, this weekend’s already crazy for me.

Another time, though, for sure!” This indirect approach still leaves the door open for friendship once you have more rapport.

Overall, pay attention to body language and social cues when responding. If he still hasn’t picked up that you likely prefer not to hang out that weekend specifically, it’s okay to let him know kindly, but directly so he gets the hint!

Final Thoughts

It’s important to be mindful of oversharing or reading too much into someone’s innocent question about your weekend. Not every question is a hint about your relationship status or shared interests.

While possible, it doesn’t always mean anything more profound than casual small talk and hoping you have a fun, relaxing weekend.

If you get the vibe, they’re genuinely trying to make friendly conversation, assuming ulterior motives can come off as presumptuous or rude.

Staying moderately open while avoiding overeagerness or standoffishness is your best move. This way, you can smoothly handle that pesky “What are you up to this weekend?” question!