What Does It Mean When He Calls Me Instead Of Texting

We’re all so used to texting these days. It’s easy, convenient, and keeps us connected even when busy. So, it can feel shocking when that new guy you’ve been talking to calls you out of the blue instead of sending his usual afternoon text!

What Does It Mean When He Calls Me Instead Of Texting

You likely start wondering why he calls you instead of texting. Especially if you two have mostly been keeping in touch over texts until now. Does it mean he sees you as more than a friend and wants something serious? Or is something else going on?

In this article, let’s break down what it might mean when a guy calls you rather than keeping things to casual texting. The article also includes tips on handling when he keeps calling you rather than texting. 

When a guy you’ve gotten used to texting switches things up and calls you instead, it can signal that some shift is happening between you two. But it could be for all kinds of good and bad reasons.

So, read on and pay attention to exactly when and why he’s picking up the phone, as well as what kinds of conversations you’re having, can help you figure out where his head and heart are. 

11 Meanings a Guy Might Call Instead of Texting

1. He’s ready to commit

When the guy you’ve been texting suddenly calls you instead, it often signals he wants to get more serious about your relationship. After all, talking on the phone and hearing someone’s voice allows for a deeper connection than text messages alone.

If he’s calling you every day, asking about your life, making plans, and keeping conversations going, he likely cares for you as more than a friend. Men prefer to text when they want something casual. So, he calls you instead when he’s ready to commit.

Always consider whether he’s engaged in the conversations and ask follow-up questions. That shows genuine interest in getting to know you better. No matter how the guy normally communicates, choosing phone calls over his usual texting mode often means he wants more.

2.He just haves textings

There could be various valid reasons a man might prefer making voice calls over texting. The mode of communication he chooses depends on his habits and interests.

For some, calls feel more personal than getting another trivial text among the many that flood their phone all day. Others get overwhelmed by needing to respond to so many messages.

One of the best ways to gauge why he reaches for the phone instead is to pay attention to what he focuses on in your talks – asking engaging questions, actively listening, joking around, etc. Ultimately, a preference for calls over everyday texts isn’t necessarily a red or green flag. It depends on the specific context of your evolving relationship.

3. You make him feel at east

If a man who typically sticks to quick texts starts making an effort to call you instead, it often shows he feels comfortable being himself around you.

Some men get shy or awkward in serious phone conversations and hide behind texts. But if your talks transition to long, relaxed chats about your days, he likely enjoys having you be part of his daily routine.

Pay attention to whether he jokes, asks your opinion, or opens up to you friendlier during your calls. All that says he feels at ease around you and trusts you’ll be open and non-judgmental.

4. You’re his on-call assistant

Suppose it seems like the guy only calls you when he needs something; that could be a red flag. Some men prefer texting for casual chats but start calling someone when they require urgent assistance.

For example, maybe he never texts you to chat but keeps calling instead to ask for advice on an assignment or project. Or he checks in mainly through texts but suddenly starts blowing up your phone when his car breaks down.

While it’s OK to help out a friend, be wary if this becomes the only reason he calls. Pay attention to whether he asks about your life too or makes demands then disappears after he gets what he wants.

5. He wants to dig deeper

Calling shows more effort than texting. So, when a guy switches from messaging you daily to calling you instead, it often indicates he wants to connect more deeply. After all, hearing someone’s voice and having a real conversation helps you get to know them better than impersonal texts.

Maybe he asks thoughtful questions about your hopes and dreams and remembers the details later. Or he opens up about his own life in a vulnerable way.

These signs call you to help him feel closer and more comfortable sharing. If you want the relationship to progress, be open in return. Having talks on the phone can strengthen your emotional intimacy.

6. He’s playing the roll of controller

Sometimes, when a guy starts calling you instead of sending his usual texts, it exposes some red flags. Pay attention if your phone conversations feel less about connecting and more like interrogations about your whereabouts and activities.

Controlling men often prefer calls to texts since avoiding their questions in real-time is harder. They turn to talk on the phone so they can rapid-fire demands about who you were with and why you didn’t text them right away.

If this feels familiar, don’t ignore it because hearing his voice makes your heart flutter. There could be various reasons he’s calling, but no healthy relationship includes hours and hours of demanding check-ins.

7. He’s covering his tracks

Sometimes, when a guy calls, he has something to hide instead of texting back. If you notice your new love interest never wants to text, even just to quickly check-in, he could be avoiding digital proof.

Maybe you start to realize he only ever calls you instead of responding over text. Or when you try to text, he immediately calls back, acting strange about why you didn’t just phone him. This could be a tactic to hide a significant other.

Pay close attention if his explanations for avoiding texts don’t add up. If it feels like he’s keeping your calls private or restricting how much you communicate, he likely doesn’t want you to know the whole truth. Trust your instincts if something seems off.

 8. He’s got separation anxiety

A guy who blows up your phone with constant calls could have clingy or insecure attachment issues. Unlike men who call because they care, clingy ones do it because they need constant reassurance that you like them back.

Maybe he texts you sweet things one minute, then starts calling repeatedly if you don’t respond immediately. Or your extended phone conversations center around him, anxiously questioning how much you care or if you’ll stop talking to him.

While it can initially seem flattering, be cautious if his need for comfort crowds out everyday life. Pay attention to see if under all that “I miss you” sweet talk lies a lack of trust or a fear of abandonment. That can signal possessiveness down the line.. 

9. You’re his BFF

There’s a difference between calling someone often because you have romantic feelings versus considering that person your best friend. Pay attention to clues to see if this guy loves you or sees you as a trusted confidant.

If most of your frequent phone calls focus on him venting about problems or seeking advice, he may not be picturing you as a girlfriend – even if he cares a lot platonically likewise, if he isn’t trying to plan romantic date activities and all that talking.

But if your conversations show emotional intimacy and support on both sides, he could be secretly in love with his closest friend. Listen for hints, like always calling to hear about your day and saying how much he admires you.

10. He’s caught major feelings

When a man goes out of his way to call you every free moment he gets, it often means he has fallen head over heels. Unlike guys who prefer shorter text check-ins, he wants to become a daily part of your routine and connect more deeply.

Pay attention to the conversation topics, too. Does he ask thoughtful questions about your hopes and dreams? Does he talk about wanting to integrate you into other parts of his life by meeting his family or joining hobby activities?

These could all be signs he is beginning to think of you as an integral partner rather than just casually dating. Not all men profess their love outright, but calling instead of quick texts says a lot.

11. He craves a connection

Unlike casual check-in texts, phone calls require real-time focus and vulnerability, building intimacy. When a guy wants to stay connected to you and become a part of your routine, lengthy calls are a great way to nurture that emotional bond.

So, if he starts initiating frequent calls, he likely desires closeness with you. This could show he sees long-term potential between you, even if he isn’t ready to confess deeper romantic feelings outright.

Pay attention to the atmosphere of your calls, too. Do your conversations feel positive, supportive, and affectionate? Does hearing each other’s voices put you both at ease? These are all healthy signs calls aren’t just out of obligation but a mutual wish for intimacy.

What To Do When He Starts To Call You Too Often Instead Of Texting

Be open but wary of red flags

When a guy gives you a call instead of texting, it can signal he’s ready to take things to the next level. But it could also mean he’s hiding something or has unhealthy attachment issues. Based on the specific context, a call can have a variety of meanings.

Stay open so a great catch doesn’t slip away due to fear of rejection on his part. But also pay attention once you answer, especially early on. Trust issues often arise later once someone’s already drawn in.

Note patterns like only using the phone at odd hours or getting angry if texts come up. Those behaviors often start subtly and then escalate as the relationship progresses. Listen to your inner voice if anything seems “off.”

Pay attention to conversation topics and his questions

Feeling confused or curious about what it means when his usual texts turn into frequent phone calls makes perfect sense. The best way to find out? Pay close attention once he has you on the line.

Listen for whether he asks engaging questions about your daily life and interests or dominates the conversation. Also, note if his questions about who you see and where you go seem invasive or controlling.

Thoughtful, supportive calls can nurture intimacy. Interrogation style reveals suspicion or even hostility towards your independence. Tone matters as much as the words themselves.

Note any controlling or demanding behavior

While it’s great if calling becomes his sweet, preferred way of feeling connected to you daily, keep your intuition engaged.

Does being part of his routine feel caring or consume your whole life? Do conversations celebrate your uniqueness or critique you against some imaginary ideal?

If talks often end with you feeling hurt or deflated instead of understood, he insists on constant check-ins and exercise caution. Love shouldn’t feel mandatory or come with strings attached.

Set boundaries if needed

If frequent calls feel suffocating instead of caring, don’t ignore red flags just because you like him. Set some boundaries and pay attention to how he responds.

Let him know precisely what kinds of questions or demands make you uncomfortable. Suggest scheduling shorter phone check-ins if everyday calls are distracting your focus.

A man simply wanting to know you better and give more intimacy will respect reasonable requests to talk in healthier ways. But one who ignores your needs or gets angry at even minor limits is showing you who he is.

Ask clarifying questions about his intentions

Don’t spend all your time anxiously guessing what it means when a guy texts daily and then suddenly starts calling instead. Have an open conversation and ask thoughtful questions to understand better where his head and heart are.

Pay attention to whether he can share his motives and ideas about developing closeness with vulnerability and care. That shows emotional maturity and readiness for a relationship.

If he dodges specifics or responds with frustration or criticism, though, he believes those red flags. You deserve to feel safe being authentic around someone you give your time and affection to.

Final Thoughts

When dating someone new, a lot can get lost in translation over text. So, hearing your voice instead of reading texts can build intimacy. But the guy never calls and only messages? Reasons why men stick to lower-effort communication vary.

Ultimately, a shift to phone calls signals some desire to connect more deeply. But tread carefully early on until you better grasp motives and maturity. It’s a good sign if a guy invests time because he values you. Get him to call if needed to nurture Reciprocal care.

Pay attention once contact increases. Is it to honestly know each other better? Or manipulate increased access? Landmark change if support helps both lives flourish, not stunt one.

Texting you every day for check-ins might be convenient for busy lives. But men text avoid putting their best foot forward, too. So, hear your voice and make space for their full attention before considering why.

There could be a variety of healthy and unhealthy motives when the primary way to communicate switches without context. Don’t make assumptions. Open up a caring conversation instead.