31 Signs He Misses You When You’re Not Around

It’s natural to wonder if someone is missing you when life pulls you apart. Absence can make the heart grow fonder – or sadly, sometimes, out of sight means out of mind. How do you know if distance makes him long for you or forget you?

Signs He Misses You When You're Not Around

Luckily, a man who truly misses a woman often leaves clues. Spending time together is his top priority. Thus, when apart, he’ll try to text, call, send memes – anything to keep a connection. More communication, especially if he initiates it, is an obvious sign you’re on his mind.

Especially if you are in a long-distance relationship, it requires work. A partner who misses you will likely call or text more often while separated. Frequent check-ins help shorten the miles between them. It shows he wants to stay bonded no matter the geography.

This article explores 31 telling signs that reveal if someone truly misses you when you’re apart, from increased communication efforts to nostalgic behaviors. It provides advice for interpreting gestures of care and reassuring reciprocal feelings. 

The article also includes tips on what to do when he misses you, but you cannot build healthy physical bonds together. 

Learn the most common signs that say “I miss you” without words. It will help you decode his true feelings. Let’s dive in.

Signs He Misses You When You’re Not Around

Communication Signs (10 signs)

1. Constant texting

The frequent contact shows that you’re on his mind and trying to reach out. Lots of texting or calling when you’re not together is one way to know if he misses you – he wants constant contact.

2. Calling to hear your voice

If he calls to chat or hears your voice, he misses you. He’s not satisfied with texting alone and is letting you know he wants more personal interaction.

Try sending him a text suggesting a quick phone call to talk things over – his enthusiasm and speed to respond are good signs of his feelings.

3. Responding quickly to messages

Quick responses also indicate he was anticipating and hoping for your text or call – he’s paying close attention. Speedy replies, especially combined with asking follow-up questions, showing he enjoys connecting and misses you.

4. Asking for pictures of you

When a guy asks you to send photos of yourself, it usually indicates that he misses you and wants to see your face.

It could also signify that he wants to show the pictures to friends. Either way, it doesn’t seem like he doesn’t miss you if he’s asking for recent photos.

5. Asking to video chat

Asking to move a conversation from text to an actual video chat is a step above a phone call. Video chats are the closest he can get to being with you in person, so his interest in upgrading your communication could mean you’re often on his mind.

6. Drunk dialing late at night

Getting a late-night call from him when he’s been drinking often means he misses someone. His lowered inhibitions make him more likely to reach out if you’ve been on his mind. 

7. Sending pictures of himself

Similarly, when he suddenly sends you current pictures of himself, it could be a sign that he’s thinking of you. He likely wants you to miss him, too, and hopes his pictures will spark conversation. It may be his subtle way of letting you know he misses your company.

8. Keeping the conversation going with questions

If he asks many questions about what’s going on in your life and follows up to keep the dialogue flowing, this shows interest in staying connected.

He probably misses spending time together and is making a conversational effort to bond even from afar. This active engagement is a sign he doesn’t want discussions ever to hit dead ends.

9. Telling you directly he misses you

He directly tells you he misses you, which displays vulnerability about his feelings. It likely took courage for him to openly state he misses you without waiting for your response.

When a guy directly shares this, he truly wants you to know exactly how much he’s longing to see you again. Believe his words – this kind of directness doesn’t lie.

10. Bringing up plans

If he often brings up plans or makes tentative suggestions to see each other again, it’s a sign that he misses you.

He’s trying to schedule that in-person time with you by actively thinking about a subsequent visit or outing. Solidifying plans indicate that he misses you and wants to reconnect soon.

Behavior Signs (11 signs) 

11. Making excuses to see you

Coming up with flimsy reasons to see you indicates that he wants to spend extra time together, even if it’s just running mundane errands. This shows he’s willing to make an effort.

12. Changing/dropping plans to be with you

When a guy Rearranges or changes priorities in his schedule to be available to see you, it shows you’re a top priority.

He misses you so much that he’s fine dropping existing plans or pushing things around. Keeping his calendar open is a sign he’s making you the first commitment.

13. Always solidifying next meet up

He doesn’t like leaving things open-ended if he’s always asking about firming up the logistics and details for your next get-together. Nailing down upcoming plans to reunite could mean he misses you between visits.

14. Showing up places he knows you’ll be

When he mysteriously shows up at places he knows you’ll be – like your gym, favorite cafe, or usual grocery store – it can be a sign he’s trying to orchestrate running into you. This indicates he’s paying attention to your routine whereabouts. 

15. Becoming nostalgic about your relationship

When he frequently brings up positive memories from your past or talks about special moments, he likely misses what you had.

Nostalgia for the good old days can be bittersweet. He may miss aspects of the relationship but doesn’t want them back. 

16. Displaying jealousy when you’re with others

If he randomly becomes jealous when you’re busy or away with other people, this subtle sign could mean he misses having your undivided attention.

His envy may also indicate that spending less time together recently has made him insecure. Jealousy generally signals someone wants to reconnect.

17. Making you feel extra special when together

He goes above and beyond to compliment you, plan meaningful date nights, or make you feel highly appreciated.

This shows that the limited time you spend together is precious to him. He wants to make the most of it and express how he feels. His effort comes from truly missing you in-between visits.

18. Sending gifts while apart

When you receive occasional care packages, flowers, or sweet trinkets in the mail out of the blue, it can be a sign that he often thinks about you when you’re not around. These surprise gifts are his way of showing affection from afar.

19. Never bored when you’re together

It demonstrates genuine interest if he seems fully engaged, laughing, and affectionate whenever you hang out without distractions of his phone or other priorities.

He likely longs for your time together in between and misses the connection. His enthusiasm to be present with you is a clear sign that he doesn’t take the relationship for granted.

20. Checking in on your safety

If he texts or calls to check that you got home safe, made it to work okay, or asks about appointments – he wants to know you’re alright. Caring so much about your well-being shows he thinks about you often when you’re not together.

21. Trying to accommodate your schedule

He’s putting you first when he asks you about your availability to meet up or goes out of his way to reschedule things to align with your plans.

Making an effort to coordinate schedules and compromise shows that he misses you and wants to make seeing each other work. 

Social Media Signs (10 signs) 

22. Liking and commenting on your posts

When he likes and comments on your social media posts reasonably often, it shows you’re still on his radar. He could be clicking without much thought, but consistent interaction means he tries to know what’s happening in your world. This activity signals you still cross his mind even if you’re not in contact.

23. Sending you posts he thinks you’ll like

If he goes out of his way to share funny memes, exciting articles, or entertaining videos tailored just for you, it’s evidence you’re still on his mind.

He’s thinking about what you would enjoy and wants to be part of your life. This is his subtle way of keeping your bond alive.

24. Tagging you in relevant posts

When he tags you in posts related to your hobbies, mutual friends, or inside jokes, it suggests he misses how well he knows you.

Including you virtually is a way for him to say, “I wish you were here to see this!” Public tags indicate he’s thinking of all your shared interests.

25. Following your stories and activity

He likely checks your profiles habitually if he views your social media stories routinely or seems up-to-date on major happenings by liking or commenting.

This shows he’s curious and a little nostalgic about your day-to-day life. Silently following along means part of him misses you and the intimacy you once had.

26. Passive stalking of your profiles

Frequent lurking and stalking without actively contacting you directly could mean he secretly misses you but doesn’t want to admit it openly.

Like an ex checking old posts, passive social media activity demonstrates he might still think about the good times you shared even if he stays silent.

27. Talking to your friends about you

If he chats up your friends to get the scoop on how you’re doing, what you’re up to now or generally asks about you, he likely misses having you in his life.

Pumping friends he still keeps in touch with for information is his way of knowing if you ever mention missing him, too.

28. Posting old pictures of you together

When that nostalgic ex randomly posts throwback pictures of happier times together, it shows reflections on the past.

This behavior indicates he misses what was and wishes things were how they used to be. Digging up old photos means you’re still often on his mind.

29. Messaging you late at night

Late-night incoming messages can signify you are on his mind before bed, like his nightcap. Fatigue and darkness often make us reflective. So, a late text could reveal he misses you most when he’s alone with his thoughts at the end of each day.

30. Sending emoji-filled snaps and texts

Playful emoji use shows his lively, upbeat side that feels comfortable with you. The many visuals make otherwise routine check-ins seem more special.

He likely discovers new silly emojis to make you smile when you read his messages. This playfulness indicates he misses how you make him feel when together.

31. Using pet names in public posts

Tagging you on social media using a sweet nickname is a public display of affection. It signifies that he misses doing little things to show you how much he cares, even when you’re not speaking. The public post is his way of feeling connected to you and letting everyone know you are important in his life.

What To Do When He Misses You

Communicate Reciprocated Interest

If you mutually miss one another, let him know you’ve been thinking of him, too. Be responsive and enthused when he reaches out.

Plan a phone call or video date to tell him how much you enjoy his company. This validation can reassure him. Reciprocating interest is a good sign you both want to nurture your bond.

Plan Future Time Together

Help turn his tentative suggestions into concrete arrangements for your next visit. Showing genuine excitement to map out the upcoming time together makes him feel wanted.

He’ll know his effort is appreciated when you eagerly pencil in future dates. Planning also gives you both an event to eagerly anticipate.

Appreciate His Effort

Compliment little ways he tries staying connected even when you’re apart. If he remembers details about your life or schedules calls to hear your voice, a simple “thanks for thinking of me” goes a long way.

People express care differently – recognize his preferred methods. Let him know his gestures haven’t gone unnoticed.

Reassure Him

If needed, reassure him you care and that he has no reason to be jealous. Comfort any worries about the relationship possibly changing.

Validating his feelings can relieve anxiety over missing you. Let him know the time apart is precise, and your bond still feels strong.

Share Your Day-to-Day Life

Stay engaged about regular updates in each other’s worlds. Tell him funny antidotes and keep him looped into your schedule.

When he implements the no-contact rule, slide in subtle reminders that you’re thinking about your favorite memories together. This helps shorten the distance.

Reminisce On Memories

Exchange fond reflections about joyful times spent together in the past. Recalling meaningful moments and discussing your best experiences as a couple can make you feel united even from afar. A dose of nostalgia amplifies the anticipation of creating new, special memories on the next visit.

Final Thoughts

When trying to decode if someone is missing you, the telltale signs often boil down to effort and communication style.

A guy who misses you badly will demonstrate interest and care through frequent check-ins. He’ll make genuine plans to see you again soon.

Ultimately, the only way to know is to discuss feelings honestly. Don’t make assumptions or play games. Ask what’s going on in his heart and head.

This openness can strengthen trust in relationships. Not allowing insecurities about how much he misses you to foster doubt without facts.

The right partner won’t give mixed messages about missing you. His actions won’t leave you questioning if absence makes his heart grow fonder or if out of sight means he moves you out of your mind. Keep observing effort and listening to words. Let behaviors guide your intuition.