Should I Follow My Crush On Instagram

Have you ever wondered if you should follow your crush on Instagram? We’ve all been there, debating whether or not to send that follow-up request.

Should I Follow My Crush On Instagram

Social media can be tricky when it comes to crushes. You don’t want to appear creepy or desperate, but following them on Instagram has significant benefits. It opens opportunities to get to know them better and strengthen your connection.

Following your crush on social media platforms like Instagram can be great for the right reasons. It shows you’re interested in keeping communication open, and it’s not weird if you already know them in real life. 

This article will explain eight reasons why following your crush on Instagram is a brilliant idea. It will also go over some tips to ensure you do it correctly. So, let’s dive in!

Reasons Why You Should Follow Your Crush On Instagram

Are you hesitant to send that follow request to your crush? Here are eight reasons why you should take the plunge. You already know each other in real life.

1. You already know each other in real life

Following someone you’ve met in person shows interest and that you want to connect more. It’s not creepy if you have a prior relationship. If your crush has asked for your Instagram or you’ve talked in real life, it’s OK to follow them. 

Sending the request indicates you want to strengthen your relationship outside of just occasional run-ins. As long as you have met in person before, it’s not weird or stalker-ish behavior. Following your real-life connections is normal on social media.

2. You have mutual friends

Having mutual friends makes following your crush more natural. Sharing connections validates you as a natural person rather than a bot or random fan. It also shows that you have a social circle in common.

If your crush recognizes the names of people you know among your followers or who you follow, they’ll feel more comfortable accepting your request. 

The more friends you have in common, the better odds they will follow you back without hesitation. After all, they likely assume you know each other if you have all the same friends.

3. You can learn more about their interests

Seeing what your crush posts on their profile and Instagram stories gives you insight into their personality, likes, and daily life.

A peek at how they use Instagram provides conversation starters and things you have in common. It also shows you care to know more about them. This extra context makes it easier to connect in real life. You’ll have a head start understanding their interests and quirks.

4. It keeps communication open

Messaging on Instagram is straightforward. Following your crush makes it simpler to start conversations on the app. You can react to their posts, comment on stories, and slide into those DMs. 

Having that open messaging channel allows you to strengthen your bond outside of occasional run-ins. Plus, talking through social media can lower pressure on shy crushes who are not yet ready for face-to-face flirting.

5. You can interact with their posts

Liking and commenting on your crush’s content shows you care and pay attention. It demonstrates you took time not just to scroll but to engage.

Leaving thoughtful comments also reveals your personality and sense of humor. Your crush will notice the interactions and might even return the favor on your profile.

These small back-and-forths help nurture the budding relationship. Just don’t overdo it! Thoughtful interactions are fundamental.

6. It might make them follow you back

There’s a chance that following your crush will lead to them following you back. They may wait for you to make the first move by following their Instagram account if they’re also interested.

Once they see you followed them, they might be excited to follow you back. This opens up even more possibilities for interaction on the app.

You can engage with each other’s stories, posts, and DMs. Reciprocity is a great sign they want to keep the connection going.

7. Your gut says it’s right

Trust your gut instinct if your intuition tells you to follow them. More often than not, your innate sense is correct regarding relationship moves.

If something feels right and excites you, that’s a sign to go for it even if you can’t explain why logically, your subconscious picks up on cues driving your intuition.

Following your heart is usually the best policy with crushes. Overthinking will hold you back.

8. You have nothing to lose

In the worst-case scenario, your crush doesn’t follow you on Instagram after you follow them. But at least you put yourself out there and showed interest.

Even if they don’t reciprocate immediately, they’ll still see you took the initiative. That courage could inspire them to follow you later. 

Tips To Get Your Crush To Follow You On Instagram

1. Make your profile discoverable

One of the first things you should do is ensure your crush can find your Instagram profile. Have a public account so they don’t have to request to follow you.

Use your real name or a recognizable username so you are easy to search and identify. Fill out your bio with a few descriptive details about yourself – this gives your crush a glimpse into your personality and interests.

Also, share other social media handles like TikTok or Snapchat. This cross-promotion makes you more discoverable across platforms.

Ultimately, you want your crush to be able to find and identify your profile quickly so they feel comfortable sending that first follow request. Having the best pictures on your feed also grabs their attention once they check your IG profile.

2. Post engaging content

Now it’s time to grab your crush’s attention by posting fun content they would want to see. Share photos and videos that give a peek into your everyday life.

Use Instagram Stories to showcase your personality – what makes you laugh, your favorite songs, and the places you visit. This will give your crush insight beyond your curated highlights.

Respond to trending prompts and challenges to show off your silly, goofy side. Highlight your talents and hobbies, too. This content provides lots of conversation starters and common ground.

3. Follow accounts your crush engages with

A clever way to get on your crush’s radar is to follow your crush on Instagram and also follow some accounts they actively engage with. These might be meme pages they frequently like posts from, brands they are loyal to, or celebrities they are fans of.

You can easily find these by looking at who your crush follows and who they are tagged in posts. When your crush sees you also follow or interact with accounts they love, it creates a sense of shared interests.

4. Like and comment on their posts

Thoughtfully interacting with your crush’s posts helps strengthen your existing connection. Like photos they post – not everything, but the posts that genuinely appeal to you.

Leave meaningful comments beyond just emojis or one-word remarks. Tag them in relevant posts and stories you come across.

The key is not overdoing it to the point of feeling spammy. Genuinely engage with the content that resonates with you. This shows your crush you pay attention and make them wonder about their Instagram activity.

In return, they will value you more as a follower. It makes them more likely to follow you back.

5. Respond to their Instagram stories

Reacting and responding to your crush’s Instagram stories is a great way to fuel conversation. Like their stories to indicate that you’ve viewed them, reply with comments, emojis, photos, or videos. Ask questions to keep the back-and-forth going.

This shows your crush that you’re actively engaging with their updates in real-time. It creates opportunities for organic interaction versus just liking a post afterward. They’ll be more inclined to make the right move and follow someone who cares about their everyday moments.

6. Be yourself and make the first move

The most important thing is to be genuine while also taking initiative. Don’t try too hard to get their attention – be the awesome person you are.

If it feels right, follow your crush first to get the ball rolling. And when you’re ready, send them a friendly DM saying hi.

Making the first move demonstrates your confidence and interest. Then, let things unfold naturally from there. Getting your crush to follow back on Instagram takes effort but is achievable.

Use these tips to make your profile engaging and interact with your crush genuinely. Post a new story or photo when they’re active to grab their attention. And don’t be afraid to follow them first—your boldness might inspire them to follow you back!

If you notice them checking out your posts or people following you, they probably want to check out more. With the right strategy, you can organically get your crush to follow back quickly. The reward of strengthening your connection is well worth trying these tactics.

Final Thoughts

Following your crush on Instagram can seem nerve-wracking, but it provides an excellent opportunity to strengthen your connection outside of occasional run-ins.

As we’ve discussed, doing it for the right reasons, like showing genuine interest and facilitating communication, can help nurture your bond.

Recapping the main benefits – you can get to know them better through their posts, keep your conversations going, and subtly show you care by interacting.