She Likes Me But Keeps Pushing Me Away (13 Reasons Why)

We’ve all been there before – you really like someone, but they keep pushing you away. It’s frustrating confusing, and can make you question the situation. You start to wonder – do they like me? Why are they acting this way if they’re interested? Their behavior seems completely irrational!

She Likes Me But Keeps Pushing Me Away

When someone keeps their distance, even though there’s clearly some attraction and chemistry, you don’t know what to think. You want to get closer to them, but they keep shutting you down. It hurts when someone you genuinely care for seems unable to fully trust you or take the leap into a real relationship.

Often, this hot and cold behavior happens when the attraction is only physical or based on infatuation. She may not feel a real emotional connection.

But other times, even if she has feelings for you, underlying reasons make her hesitant to commit. Past relationship issues might make her wary of trusting again. Or external factors in her life may be complicating things.

The key is figuring out what’s causing her mixed signals and finding the right way to move forward.

In this article, we’ll explore why a girl might like you but keep pushing you away and tips for what you can do about it. With some insight and the right approach, you can turn things around. So don’t lose hope!

Reasons Why She Likes You But Keeps Pushing You Away

1. She’s Already in a Relationship

If the girl you like is already dating someone else, it’s only natural that she’ll be pushing you away, no matter how strong her feelings are for you. She may care about you, but won’t want to jeopardize her relationship.

Even if she’s unhappy with her boyfriend, abruptly ending things with him to be with you instead likely doesn’t feel like an option. 

2. You Have Very Different Personalities

Sometimes, two people aren’t compatible enough for a romantic relationship, no matter how much chemistry there is. If you and the girl you like have very different personalities that don’t mesh well, it could make her push you away despite liking you.

For example, maybe you’re outgoing and adventurous, while she’s shy and risk-averse. She may struggle to open up and feel comfortable around someone with a different personality. Work on finding common ground and meeting in the middle.

3. She Doesn’t Know How You Feel

If you haven’t made your feelings clear and explicitly told her you like her as more than a friend, she may not realize you want a romantic relationship. Without this knowledge, she has no reason not to keep things platonic.

Let her know how you feel directly and sincerely. Don’t just hint at it or beat around the bush. Clearly communicate to eliminate any doubts about the relationship. 

4. She Enjoys Teasing You

Some girls like to mess with a guy’s mind by flirting and then pulling away, just for fun.

As frustrating as it is, don’t play into her game. Stay confident, and don’t let her yank you around emotionally. If she thrives on the chase but loses interest when she has you hooked, she likely craves the excitement of pursuit and isn’t relationship material.

5. You Haven’t Made Strong Moves

She may not think you’re truly interested if you’ve been passive about pursuing her and haven’t made any bold romantic gestures. She has no reason to take the leap without strong evidence that you want to be more than friends.

Show her you care through meaningful actions – plan romantic dates, give thoughtful gifts, look for opportunities to be chivalrous, and sweep her off her feet. Don’t hold back or play it safe to win her over. Make your feelings impossible to ignore.

6. She Feels Obligated to Someone Else

The girl you like may feel a sense of duty or obligation to someone else, holding her back from pursuing a relationship with you. This could be a family member, friend, or someone who somehow depends on her.

If she cares deeply about this other person, she won’t want to disappoint them, so she may keep going to push you away. Be patient and understand where her loyalties lie. With time, she may become comfortable prioritizing a relationship with you.

7. She Sees You as Just a Friend

If you’ve known the girl for a long time or established a friendship first, she may have difficulty seeing you as potential boyfriend material. The platonic history between you clouds her perception.

You need to make your romantic intentions clear. Compliment her appearance, find excuses to gently get close and touch her, and invite her on date-like activities. Make your desire impossible for her to overlook. Just don’t confess intense feelings out of the blue.

8. Her Best Friend is Interested in You

If your crush’s BFF is into you, it can mess things up and make it harder for you to date your crush. She won’t want to hurt her friend or cause drama.

Tread carefully, as forcing her to choose between you and her bestie often ends badly. You may need to gently reject her friend first before pursuing something romantic. But be prepared for potential fallout.

9. You Lack Ambition/Drive

Some women want a partner who is goal-oriented with big dreams and aspirations. She may hesitate to get involved romantically if you seem complacent and unmotivated.

Figure out your passions and how to actively pursue them. Develop drive and determination. Cultivate interesting hobbies and skills. Becoming well-rounded will make you more appealing. Success can be attractive!

10. She Wants to Take It Slowly

If she seems interested but keeps pulling back every time you try to advance the relationship, she likely wants to take things slow. Rushing into intimacy or a full-fledged commitment may scare her.

Be patient and let things progress gradually. Don’t push her boundaries too fast. Gain her trust over time. Moving the relationship forward step-by-step will make her more comfortable than a quick transition.

11. She Has Commitment Issues

Some people have deep-seated fears about relationships and intimacy that make it hard to open up. If she has commitment issues, she may like you but subconsciously self-sabotage whenever things get too serious.

Don’t take it personally. Building trust and showing you’ll stick around even during her pulling away phases can help. Make her feel secure. You can overcome relationship anxiety together with time, patience, and care.

12. She’s Hyper-Focused on Her Career

If her main priority is job success and climbing the corporate ladder, a demanding career may not leave much room for romance. She may view dating as an unnecessary distraction and feel inclined to push him away.

Support her professional goals and be flexible. Understand that work obligations may sometimes come first. As long as you know her priorities, a relationship can work despite her busy schedule. Just give her the space to focus.

13. You have a “playboy” reputation

Women looking for a serious relationship may hesitate to pursue you if you have a history of quickly moving from one partner to another, as they may fear that you will eventually hurt them.

Prove you are capable of commitment and maturity. Open up about wanting a deeper connection, not just casual flings. Make her feel special and reassure her regularly. With consistency, you can overcome a Playboy stigma.

What To Do When She Likes You But Keeps Pushing You Away

Winning over someone who sends mixed signals requires strategic effort. Here are some tips that may help turn things around:

1. Be Direct and Reveal Your Feelings

If you want to turn things around with a girl who’s pushing you away, the most important thing is to be upfront about how you feel. But don’t overwhelm her – keep it simple and sincere. Knowing your true intentions might make her more open to a relationship.

2. Respectfully Confront Her

You can also gently confront her about the mixed signals and ask where her head is. But avoid sounding accusatory. Say you’ve noticed she seems to pull away sometimes, and you’re wondering if something is holding her back.

Let her explain on her terms. Listen to understand her perspective. Don’t get defensive – stay calm and caring. With open communication, you can work through issues.

3. Plan a Romantic Date

Actions can speak louder than words when it comes to winning someone over. Plan a thoughtful, romantic date that shows you care – make all the effort and pull out all the stops.

Book the perfect restaurant, arrange unique details, and have flowers or a gift waiting. Treat her like a princess. Quality one-on-one time in a romantic setting could help further your connection.

4. Write Her a Heartfelt Letter

Pour your heart out by writing her an old-fashioned love letter. Putting your most profound feelings into writing can help you articulate yourself clearly. Deliver it in a romantic way. The sincerity and vulnerability of a letter can have an impact.

5. Make Her a Thoughtful Playlist

Music speaks to the soul and can express what mere words cannot. Create a customized playlist for her, featuring songs that make you think of her or your relationship. Includes a mix of romantic tunes and a few of her favorite artists and songs. Give it to her during a meaningful moment.

6. Seek Her Help with Something

Ask her to help you with some task or lend her expertise on something, even if you don’t need the help. It shows you value her abilities and gives you an excuse to spend more time together.

Thank her sincerely after. People open up more to those who make them feel helpful and appreciated. Just don’t overdo it to the point of seeming helpless.

7. Compliment Her Sincerely

Genuine compliments can go a long way in making someone feel special. Look for opportunities to praise meaningful attributes – don’t just focus on superficial physical beauty.

Compliment her intelligence, kindness, sense of humor, talents, determination, or other inner qualities. The more heartfelt and specific your praise, the more impact it will have.

8. Flirt with Her in Front of Friends

If done playfully, a little public flirting can pique her interest and nudge things along. Give her sincere compliments or casually touch her arm in a group setting. Laugh at her jokes and make lots of eye contact. She’ll see you’re not afraid to show affection in front of others. But don’t overdo PDA – keep it classy.

9. Grand Romantic Gesture

Sometimes, you must pull out all the stops to win someone over. A big, sweeping romantic gesture like filling her room with flowers, showing up with a quartet to serenade her, or planning a lavish, thoughtful surprise date can make her feel like the most important person in the world to you. Ensure your gesture aligns with her personality – some prefer small and sincere over grandiosity.

10. Just Go For The Kiss!

If the moment feels right, taking the leap and going in for a kiss can change everything. Make sure you have her consent first and start slow – a gentle first kiss is romantic. If she kisses you back, you’ll know the attraction is natural.

Passion can overcome reluctance and hesitation. But don’t force it – if she turns away, respect that and pull back. With the right timing, though, a perfect kiss may be exactly what’s needed.

Final Thoughts

Crushing hard on someone who keeps pushing us away. It stings when no matter what you do, she won’t fully open up. But you gotta keep some hope alive. Take it from me – there are definitely ways to turn it around if you play it right.