She Has A Boyfriend But Flirts With You (15 Reasons Why)

So, there’s this girl who’s started flirting with you. You can’t help but feel excited and hope that maybe something could happen between you. The only catch? You just found out she already has a boyfriend. What gives?

She Has A Boyfriend But Flirts With You

You’re probably wondering what’s going on. Does she actually like you? Or is she just being overly friendly or flirty for other reasons?

There are many reasons why a girl with a boyfriend might send confusing signals or flirt with another guy. Sometimes, she might be interested in the other person, which occurs for many reasons, including needing attention, boredom, a desire for an ego boost, etc. But often, her flirting means something else entirely.

This article will go through the top 15 reasons a girl who is already taken would suddenly start acting flirty with you.

The article will also discuss her behavior and what (if anything) you should do next. Tips on responding if you like this girl but don’t want to help her cheat on her current boyfriend or get involved in any drama are included. Let’s roll.

Top Reasons a Girl With a Boyfriend Flirts

1. She craves attention/validation

The girl with a boyfriend may be flirting with you simply because she craves more attention or validation, even though she already has a partner.

Some girls don’t get enough praise and want to know other men desire them. Flirting with someone else can be a way for them to get an ego boost if their current boyfriend doesn’t make them feel special enough.

If you see her flirting openly with multiple guys, she usually enjoys the thrill of feeling wanted. It may have nothing to do with you specifically. Give her compliments sparingly if you want it to stop.

2. She misses the thrill of the chase

Similarly, a girl with a boyfriend might flirt because she misses the exciting rush of a new romance. It’s often harmless fun for naturally flirtatious girls.

Flirting reminds her of having butterflies and that intoxicating chemistry when you start dating someone new. She may crave stroking her ego and getting reassurance that she’s still “got it” from other men.

If this seems to be the case, you can let her know politely but firmly that you don’t feel comfortable participating.

3. You have qualities her boyfriend lacks

She may also keep flirting because you have certain qualities that her current boyfriend does not. Maybe you make her laugh more or have shared interests he doesn’t. She probably enjoys the chemistry between you two and wants to get attention from someone who better fits her personality.

But that doesn’t make it suitable for her to flirt with you behind his back. The decent thing for her to do would be to break things off with him first before pursuing you. Tell her gently that what she’s doing seems unfair to her boyfriend and that you think she should deal with her relationship issues directly with him first.

4. She wants to make her boyfriend jealous

Sometimes, people in relationships flirt with others to make their partner jealous. In a situation like this, don’t develop feelings for her.

She is using you and letting the other person unfairly question the relationship. You don’t want involvement in these games, so leave her alone if she flirts solely to cause drama.

5. She’s keeping her options open

Some girls flirt around even though they have steady boyfriends because they are keeping their options open. She might feel neglected if her current partner doesn’t make her feel desired enough. Or does she want the ego boost of knowing she still attracts men?

Either way, a girl who acts single while taken usually won’t commit to just one person right now. She likely wants to feel wanted by multiple people. Don’t let yourself be one of the guys she collects.

6. She’s bored in her relationship

Girls in stale relationships sometimes flirt for various reasons, but boredom is a major one. Maybe her boyfriend stopped making romantic efforts. The spark is gone, and she craves attention.

Flirting with someone new is a temptation that provides excitement for her. But in the majority of cases, she won’t pursue anything further. Enjoy harmless attention from her if you want – don’t expect more. She likely wants an ego boost, nothing serious.

7. She finds you attractive

It’s easy to get caught up in mixed signals when your crush flirts but has a boyfriend. Some girls tease and flirt with other men even if they like their current relationship.

It’s important to tell if a girl is seeking attention for her ego or has a deeper interest. Flirting doesn’t always mean a girl likes you or wants to pursue more. But sometimes, a girl who already has a boyfriend flirts because she feels a genuine connection and finds you attractive.

8. She fought with her boyfriend

Girls flirt for an ego boost after fighting with their partner. She may not mean anything serious by it. After a bad argument, she wants to feel desired again. Flirting gives her a quick thrill and reminds her she still attracts male attention.

If a taken girl flirts with you post-fight, don’t read into it too much. She likely needs reassurance during a rough patch. Be a friend, but avoid fueling drama between her and her boyfriend.

9. She wants an ego boost

As mentioned, one of the most common situations for a girl to flirt is when she wants an ego boost. Flirting feeds her craving for excitement and adventure that her current relationship lacks. 

Be careful not to get strung along, as her flirting probably doesn’t mean much. If it helps explain mixed signals, let her know gently you don’t feel comfortable participating. Establish boundaries without making her feel judged.

10. She enjoys harmless flirting

Some girls simply like occasional flirting, even within a serious relationship. For a naturally flirtatious woman, playful banter with someone might be harmless fun and an ego boost.

It’s important to consider her boyfriend’s feelings, too. Flirting with others can damage trust. And constantly seeking validation from men besides your partner signifies deeper issues. Establish boundaries while preserving positive rapport.

11. She wants her boyfriend to fight for her

A girl flirting in front of her partner may be trying to make her boyfriend jealous on purpose. She craves more thrill and physical passion in the relationship. Stirring up the drama by flirting often stems from attention-seeking behavior or resentment about the lack of physical intimacy.

Don’t get further entangled in this messy situation with unclear motives. You can suggest she talk directly to her boyfriend if she feels neglected instead of inappropriate flirting.

12. She wants to sabotage her relationship

Sometimes, when a girl acts overly flirty, she may unconsciously want to sabotage her current relationship and availability. Flirting can become an unhealthy coping mechanism for a girl who feels trapped in an unhappy partnership but hasn’t ended it yet.

You don’t want involvement as the other man if she secretly seeks an affair to force a breakup. Tell her gently but directly that you don’t feel right to engage further. Recommend speaking to a counselor to gain clarity on the next proper steps to take for her situation.

13. She’s in an unhappy relationship

The girl flirting with you may be in an unfulfilling committed relationship, so she craves attention from others for various reasons. She may subconsciously want an escape from her situation. Or is she tempting herself to leave an unhappy partnership behind?

She could be signaling interest if she always looks to single you out for physical touch or deep conversation when her boyfriend is around. But tread carefully, as you don’t know her relationship status or motives.

14. She secretly wants an affair

Sometimes, a taken girl flirting intensely might be something more serious – she may hope to start an affair. Reasons could range from lacking intimacy with her current partner to wanting to sabotage the relationship.

If a girl looks interested and eager to meet alone yet refuses to explain her committed relationship, proceed cautiously. You don’t want involvement in facilitating cheating. Let her know politely you only engage with unattached women.

15. She’s leading you on for gifts/favors

Sometimes, a flirty girl hopes to exploit your attraction for material gain. She may flatter and touch your arm, acting very interested in going somewhere special. 

Learn to spot the signs of a flirt who secretly has ulterior motives. And don’t feel bad about disengaging. Just let her know warmly you prefer to help good friends without expectations.

What To Do When a Taken Girl Flirts With You

Don’t flirt back

If a girl with a boyfriend flirts with you, avoid reacting with similar body language or signals back. Flirting back will only encourage her behavior and send mixed messages. Remain polite but disengaged.

It’s possible she innocently seems interested in friendship. But flirting can damage her current relationship. The way to let her know gently is not to reciprocate flirtiness. Redirect the interaction to platonic topics.

Politely establish boundaries

The next step is politely establishing emotional and physical boundaries if a girl keeps persistently flirting. Say you don’t feel right engaging that way since she has a committed relationship, and you wish her happiness with her boyfriend.

You aren’t being rude; you are just establishing what behavior works for you. This can help her gain self-awareness to improve her current relationship through more open communication.

Limit contact/interaction

If a girl likes flirting with other guys for the thrill despite having a boyfriend, limiting contact can help reinforce your boundaries. Be a good person by not enabling behavior that may undermine her relationship’s trust and intimacy.

Interact only in group settings and avoid ongoing one-on-one time that blurs lines. Keep things light and friendly without leading expressions of interest. The gentle distance can encourage her to nurture closeness in a current bond.

Speak positively about her relationship

If a girl flirts for validation despite having a boyfriend, it’s important to consider the feelings of all involved. You can subtly suggest she communicates openly and honestly with her partner about why she’s flirting around.

Speak positively about attributes they share as a couple and wish them happiness. Your support of her existing relationship can remind her to nurture intimacy.

Suggest friendship activities instead of dates

If a girl already dating someone asks to hang out one-on-one, kindly shift the topic to friendly activities you can do platonically instead of date-like outings. This allows enjoying her company without overstepping.

Explain you’re happy to see each other in group settings or public areas. Redirecting to group hangouts can help refocus her energy on developing her existing relationship.

Walk away from uncomfortable situations

Being direct is essential, but you must also create physical distance from uncomfortable flirting. Walk away and disengage from interactions, leaning too playful.

You can politely excuse yourself or say you need to leave. Removing yourself signals that you don’t condone flirty behavior from someone already in a relationship.

Don’t get involved with attached people

Lastly, avoid entanglements with people you know to be in committed bonds, no matter how confusing the flirting signals may be. Just explain kindly that you make it a rule not to get involved with anyone with a boyfriend or girlfriend.

The drama is not worth it. There are always plenty of genuine single women available who are more aligned for healthy romantic connections instead.

Final Thoughts

As we’ve explored, many layers behind a girl’s flirting could indicate deeper motives like lacking enough attention. But it’s also important to realize someone’s flirting may stem from innocence.

The girl may be outgoing and friendly or crave the thrill of flirting without intending harm. While messy, examining why she’s flirting can lead to growth for you or her relationship.

The path forward depends on each unique situation. But we hope shining light helps you. You can’t tell if a girl is flirting due to interest in you, her boyfriend’s flaws, or simply an ego boost.

Now that you know acts around taken women may not reflect a perfect relationship, you can respond wisely without misreading signals.

Our advice will strengthen your boundaries, integrity, and discernment when encountering this complexity. Here’s to nurturing self-awareness and healthy connections!