If a Guy Wants to Facetime, Does He Like You?

Ever felt “over the moon” when you get an incoming call on FaceTime from the guy you are crushing on? 

If a Guy Wants to Facetime, Does He Like You

Today, it’s common for intimate relationships to begin and end over social media platforms, dating apps, and video calls. Blame it on lack of time or living in different time zones. But the question still remains on how to identify the real intention behind such calls as you don’t have body language to rely on for clues.

This article tackles the question of the intention behind a guy’s FaceTime call to you. Does he like you in a romantic way? Or is it just a casual conversation?

When you see his face on your screen as the call comes in, you may feel your heart in your throat. You may even feel tongue-tied, unable to decide how to respond. Here, you will find the common reasons for a guy to FaceTime you. Once you know his intentions, you won’t have trouble talking to him.

Why Does He Want To FaceTime You?

FaceTime is the next best option to meet someone in person. It’s used by all and not just in romantic relationships. The trouble is when you get a FaceTime call from someone you’re crushing on. Does he want to have a friendly conversation or is this the beginning of a romantic relationship?

Without further ado, let’s dive into the reasons why he would want to FaceTime you.

1. He enjoys talking to you

Not all guys want to FaceTime because they are romantically interested in you or have a crush on you. This is something you need to convince yourself and not jump to conclusions when you receive FaceTime calls from a guy.

It’s true that you are interested in him and crushing on him. But he may not have such feelings for you. He may just want to be friends with you. Since he is calling you on FaceTime, he definitely likes you and enjoys talking to you. He just likes your company and enjoys having conversations with you. Most probably, this is his attempt to build a life-long friendship with you.

You might still wonder why a video call and not a regular call or a text message. You don’t need to go that much deeper into this as different people have different preferences. Maybe he just likes the personal touch that video calls can give like traditional phone calls and texts. 

Even if his intention at present may not be romantic, he wants to have a deep connection with you. Maybe at a later date, this friendship can turn into a romantic one.

2. He wants to understand you well

You also would agree that video calls are more personal than normal phone calls or texts. It allows you to have long conversations as well and you have a chance of getting to know each other better through body language. As body language such as eye contact is off limits in regular phone calls and texts, those who want a deep meaningful relationship prefer video calls like FaceTime.

Most probably, this guy wants to discuss topics that are not casual in nature. Clearly, he considers you important enough to call you on FaceTime. Even if he doesn’t have any romantic thoughts about you at present, he wants you in his life, probably as a friend and confidant. He may be looking forward to deeper conversations with you about life. Or he may want to seek your advice on some issue he is facing.

He may be opting for a FaceTime call as he is physically far away or not in a position to meet you in person. A FaceTime call will allow him to understand you and your views better as he can make eye contact and see your body language. 

3. He wants to build trust and intimacy

Normal phone calls and text messages are good at conveying information between two individuals. However, the drawback is that they aren’t personal enough to build trust and closeness. On the other hand, video calls do a better job on this front. It’s considered the next best option to meet someone face-to-face.

On a video call, you get to see the other person, make eye contact, and watch their body language. This will help a lot in understanding the person better and lower the chances of misunderstandings. Moreover, seeing the person, albeit on a screen, helps in building a rapport with the person better and faster.

4. You are not in the same city

FaceTime is a blessing for those in long-distance relationships. Though it can never be the same as meeting the person face to face, video calls are considered the next best option. Even if you are physically far apart, video calls can give you an illusion of being together.

Maintaining a long-distance relationship is no easy matter. As they say, out of sight, out of mind. Video calls give couples separated by hundreds and thousands of miles a chance to stay in each other’s sight and mind. You can use this wonderful opportunity for getting to know each other better. This can do a world of good to their relationship. 

With the FaceTime call, this guy may be reiterating his commitment to the relationship.

5. He wants to share experiences and create memories

It’s hard to keep your conversations over the phone or text lively and captivating to the listener. The reason is the lack of a visual medium. As long as the other person can see your excitement and enthusiasm, they will get a better idea of how you are feeling. 

It’s much easier when you are narrating your experiences to the person face-to-face. However, if circumstances make such interactions impossible, it makes sense to rely on FaceTime calls to reach out to each other.

A video chat can help convey emotions and experiences and cement the bond between two individuals.

6. He is using FaceTime for cheating

Not everyone out there is good at heart and devoid of motives. Technology affords such devious-minded individuals a chance to deceive and manipulate gullible people like you. 

Again, video calls are unlike regular calls or texts. They are more personal and intimate, making them more dangerous in the hands of manipulators. It’s easier to connect with people over video calls, making it easier to cheat and manipulate. People like that would misuse your trust for their own gains, including financial gain.

If you aren’t well acquainted with the guy FaceTiming you, stay alert and watch out for the red flags. However, this doesn’t mean treating all those who call you over FaceTime with suspicion. While most people are genuine and straightforward, it would help to remember that there are a few bad apples out there.

How to react when a guy wants to FaceTime?

It’s not every day that a guy you are not quite familiar with wants to FaceTime you. When you see your phone screen light up and start ringing, your mind will be a confluence of strange emotions. You are happy and excited but at the same time apprehensive and scared.

How should you handle such a situation?

Before you answer the call, you have no idea what to expect and what his intentions are. While this guy may have a romantic feeling for you, it can also be about platonic friendship. There is also the chance that this guy is trying to cheat or manipulate you.

Here are a few pointers to help you ace the situation.

1. Go by what you feel comfortable

Before you answer the call, pause for a moment and consider whether you actually want to answer the call. Are you ready for it? And, are you comfortable talking to this guy over a video call?

Do you know that video calls can be misused in multiple ways? Do you know and trust the guy enough to take the call? While at this, listen to your gut feeling. It makes sense for your own safety not to ignore your own instincts. In case you feel not comfortable with the call, let the guy know and suggest alternate modes of communication.

Even after answering the call, don’t feel the pressure to say yes to everything he says or asks of you. Again, trust your ability to gauge the situation and make the right decision. 

2. Set boundaries and reveal your expectation

If you decide to take the video call, don’t let the guy take charge of the conversation and dominate you. At the first opportunity, you should let him know about what you expect from this conversation and set clear boundaries for your own safety.

If his intentions are good, the guy should reveal his reason for calling you. This can help you figure out how to approach the conversation without any misunderstandings. By now, you should know whether this is a casual, friendly chat or the first step in building a romantic relationship – a prelude to going on a date.

Based on the facts available to you at this point, calculate how long you want this conversation to last and what topics you would be comfortable discussing. Don’t allow the guy to bulldoze you and trespass the boundaries you have set for your safeguard.

3. Choose a suitable location

You can take regular phone calls from almost anywhere as they don’t reveal your environment. Text messages are still simpler. You can reply from anywhere anytime without broadcasting your location. However, video calls are a bit different.

The other person can see where you are and what is behind you. Moreover, the background sounds can be disturbing. It’s important to pay attention to the background and environment before you answer a FaceTime call. 

If there is too much noise and disturbance, you will find it hard to focus on the conversation. So, choose a quiet location offering you privacy. If the background is too cluttered and chaotic, it will create an adverse impression. So, make sure the backdrop is appealing.

If you are keen on impressing this guy, you also need to consider the lighting. Is the lighting enough to show you in an advantageous way? A well-lit location is always ideal for video calls. There should be enough light to see each other and read each other’s body language. 

4. Stay focused and engaged

This is not just for a FaceTime call. This is true for any conversation, whether in person or online. You need to give your full attention to what this guy is talking about. Maintaining eye contact is an integral part of active listening.

Listen to what the guy is saying, show interest in the conversation, paraphrase or ask questions, and add your comments. The guy will interpret your involvement in the conversation as your interest in him. The more engaged you are, the more interested he will think you are in him.

5. Feel comfortable in your own skin

You may feel that you are not interesting enough and if you project a more interesting personality, the guy will be more interested in you and develop a crush on you. This is wrong on many counts. When you try to be someone else, you will not be able to sustain the sham for much longer. Some day or the other, your impersonation is bound to come out.

On the other hand, being yourself is the easiest and will come naturally to you. Just remember that no human being is perfect and embrace your imperfections. This will be more appreciated than your fake persona. 

6. Keep within bounds

As you are not very familiar with this guy, it’s important for you to obey the societal rules. Respect and obey personal boundaries. While this is important during personal interactions as well, it is equally or more important during video calls such as on FaceTime.

It’s by respecting each other’s boundaries that you can manage to build trust and lay the foundation for a healthy relationship.

7. Just enjoy the interaction and have fun

A FaceTime call is not just about talking to each other and sharing information. You can use it for a variety of activities and experiences. Especially, when you are far away from your loved ones and feeling lonely. FaceTime is an excellent option for shared experiences.

You can cook meals together, play online games, watch shows or movies, or do anything else you want to do together. When being physically together is not an option, FaceTime call offers a wonderful opportunity to spend time together engaged in activities that you both love. This will help in strengthening the bond and making memories.

8. Trust your guts

Your gut feeling is an in-built mechanism that tells you what to do based on the circumstances. Sometimes you need to factor in unseen and hidden clues and signals to get this right. This is what instinct is all about. 

If your gut feeling tells you to go ahead with the call, you should. At the same time, if it raises a red flag, you should pay heed to it and avoid taking the call. Your subconscious must have detected some invisible signs to arrive at this warning.

What to do after you finish a FaceTime call with a guy?

If this was the first time he FaceTimed you, you need to take some time out to analyze what happened during the call and how you feel about it. This is important to keep things in perspective and not to get carried away from the situation.

You should say yes to more calls from the guy only if you are happy about the experience. Do you think you made progress in building trust and connection? Were your expectations met? Reflecting on your experiences and evaluating your feelings will help you decide how to move ahead.

In the meantime, it is also important to keep an open line of communication with this guy. It’s only through dialogue that you can understand each other’s expectations, needs, concerns, and conflicts. This is vital for building a healthy relationship.

The Bottom Line

When a guy wants to FaceTime you, it can mean anything. It would help if you desist from jumping to conclusions that his intention is solely a romantic one – that he wants to go on a date with you. You need to pay attention to your own instincts and try to reflect on your experiences and evaluate your feelings. Setting boundaries and expectations can help you stay safe, while honesty and engagement in your interactions are essential in building a healthy relationship. 

Now technology affords you tools like FaceTime video calls to share experiences, create unforgettable memories, and build deep connections – be it a romantic or platonic relationship. Make the best of the opportunity to build meaningful life-long connections.