If a Guy Kisses You Before He Leaves

Have you ever wondered what it means when a guy kisses you right before he heads out? I know I have! It leaves you with so many questions, like does he actually like me or was it just a friendly peck? Don’t worry, I’ve been there too.

If a Guy Kisses You Before He Leaves

Kisses can mean a lot of different things depending on the situation.

In this article, I’ll break down some of the most common types of kisses guys give before leaving and what they might be trying to say. That way, you’ll better understand where his head is based on how he kisses you goodbye. We’ll cover it all, whether it’s just a friendly peck or something more intense.

What is the Meaning Behind A Guy Kisses You Before He Leaves

When a guy kisses you before he leaves, the type of kiss can reveal a lot about his feelings. A quick kiss on the cheek may just show friendly affection. But a passionate French kiss indicates he wants intimacy and is romantically interested.

There are many types of kisses and styles of expressing affection physically. By understanding the meanings behind a goodbye kiss, you can better gauge if a guy is just being nice or if he truly loves you romantically.

12 Types of Kisses and What They Mean

When it comes to kisses, not all lip-locks are created equal! The type of kiss a guy gives you before leaving can reveal a lot about his intentions and feelings. Is it just a quick peck or something more sultry?

Get ready to find out what his kiss is really saying…

1. Kiss on the Cheek

A kiss on the cheek from a guy before he leaves is usually just a casual, friendly gesture and not necessarily romantic. If it’s a quick peck, he’s likely just saying see you later in a nice way.

Don’t assume it means he’s secretly in love with you, especially if he kisses all his female friends that way. While it shows he cares, a cheek kiss on its own doesn’t imply strong feelings.

Take it as a sweet but platonic sign of affection unless you’ve been dating for a while.

2. Kiss on the Forehead

A forehead kiss from a guy before leaving shows care and affection in a protective, non-sexual way. It signifies he wants you to feel safe and comforted.

A forehead kiss demonstrates fondness – it’s more intimate than a cheek kiss but not as intense as a mouth kiss. It’s a respectful gesture that conveys his warm feelings. Don’t overthink it; enjoy the tender moment.

3. Kiss on the Lips

Unlike a quick cheek peck, a lips kiss before leaving is romantic and means a guy is attracted to you and wants more connection. A lips kiss signifies clear interest beyond friendship.

It indicates he wants to get closer emotionally and physically, enjoys the intimacy, and doesn’t want it to end yet. When a guy friend kisses your lips before departing, it shows he’s thinking of you romantically and wants to keep the spark alive between you.

4. French Kiss

A passionate French kiss before leaving, with open mouths and tongues touching, signals a guy’s strong sexual interest and chemistry with you. It’s an unmistakable indication he’s captivated by you and imagining further intimacy.

A French kiss is urgent and fueled by desire – he likely had to force himself to pry away. It brands a steamy memory and promises more to come. If a guy French kisses you goodbye, he clearly desires you.

5. Kiss on the Neck

A neck kiss before leaving signals clear attraction. The neck’s sensitivity makes it intrinsically sexual and arousing. A strategic neck kiss is purposefully intimate to excite and awaken desire, hinting at later readiness for more physical intimacy.

It’s meant to turn you on and make your mind trail to the bedroom. If a guy kisses your neck goodbye, he’s boldly telegraphing his attraction.

6. Kiss on the Shoulder

A shoulder kiss before leaving is a middle-ground gesture – more intimate than a cheek/forehead peck but not overtly sexual. It shows a guy’s interest in gradually increasing intimacy and testing the waters to see how you respond.

A shoulder kiss indicates he wants to slowly turn up the heat and gauge your reaction for next time. See it as a “to be continued” sign he’s ready to wade deeper and will likely get bolder.

7. Kiss on the Hand

A hand kiss before leaving is a gentlemanly, romantic gesture showing admiration and that a guy likes you. It’s an affectionate, honorable type of kiss expressing feelings in a respectful rather than sexual way.

By kissing your hand, he’s telling you he cares and wants to treat you specially. Though not highly intimate, it still demonstrates fondness. See a hand-kiss goodbye as proof you have his romantic attention.

8. Kiss on the Stomach

A stomach kiss before leaving shows intimacy and trust, as he appreciates you allowing vulnerability. It indicates comfortability in expressing affection there. By kissing your stomach, he conveys acceptance of all of you and wants you to feel cared for.

See it as a sign he appreciates your openness and wants you to feel loved inside and out. Though unusual, a stomach kiss is a sweet, trusting gesture from a guy signaling a deep bond.

9. Underwater Kiss

An underwater kiss before leaving is a playful, flirty gesture showing a guy’s romantic side. By kissing you underwater, he creates a memorable moment and signals he enjoys your shared humor.

Though unorthodox, it demonstrates he’s comfortable being silly and affectionate with you. See an underwater goodbye kiss as lighthearted proof of his feelings – he wants to keep things exciting.

10. Kiss on the Eye

Kissing your eye unconventionally shows a guy’s admiration by targeting a sensitive area. It reveals he values your unique perspective and is comfortable displaying quirky affection.

An eye kiss before leaving means he finds you special and wants you to know he appreciates how you see things. Accept this eccentric gesture as his distinctive way of conveying feelings.

11. Passionate Kiss

A passionate kiss before leaving signals a guy’s overwhelming desire and emotions. This intense, fiery kiss conveys sexual longing – he’s craving you.

A passionate kiss is urgent and fueled by attraction. When he kisses you this way, he can’t hold back and gets caught up in the heat of the moment. 

So if you share an open-mouthed, zealous kiss goodbye, know it means he’s infatuated and wants you badly.

12. Multiple Kisses

When a guy showers you with quick kisses before leaving, he’s conveying affection and doesn’t want to stop. Multiple kisses show he’s enthralled by you and caught up in infatuation.

Each smooch says “I don’t want this moment to end.” He’s hoping to draw out the goodbye by keeping his lips on you.

How can you tell if a guy loves you by his kiss?

Kissing style and behaviors can reveal hidden feelings of love and admiration. Here are some signs a kiss means more than just friendship:

  • He kisses you passionately, deeply, and for longer than just a peck. This shows attraction and not wanting to let you go.
  • He kisses you anytime, even if you’re alone doing mundane things. He can’t resist and wants constant intimacy.
  • His kisses are tender and loving, not just sexual. He kisses your forehead, nose, shoulders – not just your lips.
  • He makes eye contact after kissing, looking happy and content. The kiss is meaningful, not casual.

So pay attention to how he kisses – it’s often the best indicator that a guy is truly in love with you, not just physically attracted.

Are there any signs he likes you if he kisses you on the neck?

Kissing on the neck is an intimate and flirtatious gesture, but a neck kiss alone doesn’t confirm deeper feelings. Look for other behaviors to determine if affection and attraction go beyond the physical.

Signs he likes you if he kisses your neck:

  • He finds excuses to get close and brush up against you frequently
  • He asks questions about your interests, family, and life
  • He listens attentively when you speak and remembers details
  • He seeks you out in group settings to talk one-on-one

While a neck kiss demonstrates desire, look for efforts to connect emotionally. If he takes an interest in your whole self, not just the physical, it shows he truly likes you beyond fleeting passion. The context around physical intimacy reveals his deeper feelings.

What does it mean if a guy gives you a last kiss?

A lingering, passionate “last kiss before he leaves” reveals deeper feelings, unlike a quick peck. Drawing out the goodbye shows a desire for more contact and not wanting the intimacy to end. 

A long last kiss before he leaves conveys unspoken affection before losing the chance for an unknown time. It brands the memory of closeness as you separate. A heartfelt last kiss signals emotional attachment and that you’ll be on his mind until reunited.

What does it mean if a guy gives you a gentle kiss?

A gentle kiss from a guy signifies intimacy, care, and real affection. Unlike a short peck or makeout session, a gentle kiss is one where his lips brush softly against yours. He takes his time and kisses you tenderly.

This kind of kiss reveals an emotional connection. He’s not rushing to intensify his passion. A gentle kiss allows him to savor the sensation of your lips touching.

It also creates a sense of closeness. A gentle kiss says he wants to be near you and convey love through a delicate, intimate act. There’s meaning behind this patient’s unhurried kiss.


A guy’s kiss doesn’t always mean deeper feelings. A forehead kiss shows affection, but a quick peck may be platonic. Look at body language and how he kisses you compared to others. A longer kiss often signals he’s feeling romantic.

But it’s important not to overanalyze a single kiss without context. Keep communicating openly to understand what he wants the kiss to mean.

The way he kisses demonstrates his care for you, but don’t assume a kiss necessarily means he wants more without talking to him about it. Focus on understanding each other better.