I Only See My Boyfriend Once A Week – Should I Be Worried?

Do you only see your boyfriend once a week and wonder if that’s normal? I get it, relationships can be tricky to navigate. How often you see each other seems like an important factor, but there’s no magic number or right answer. The frequency that works best totally depends on your unique situation and preferences as a couple.

I Only See My Boyfriend Once A Week

In this article, I’ll walk through when it’s normal to only see your guy weekly, when it could signal issues, and how to have a healthy relationship no matter how often you meet up. My goal is to help you feel confident that you and bae are on the same page while giving you some tips to strengthen your bond in between dates.

Stick with me and you’ll get insight into why he may only want to meet up on weekends, how to address any concerns, and most importantly, how to nurture intimacy and connection even with limited face time. There’s no need to obsess over a “right” number – this is about understanding each other’s needs and expectations. Sound good? Let’s dive in!

When Is It Normal To Only See Him Weekly?

Seeing your boyfriend once a week is pretty standard in some situations. Don’t stress if this is your norm right now!

If You’re Busy With Other Commitments

It’s totally normal not to see your boyfriend more than weekly when life gets chaotic. If your schedule is packed between:

  • Work or school – We’ve all been there. Late nights at the office or tons of assignments can make free time hard to come by.
  • Family obligations – Caring for children or elderly parents can take up a lot of time.
  • Other priorities – Maybe you’re focused on fitness, hobbies, or self-care. These are worthwhile too!

If You Live Long Distance

When you and your boyfriend live in different cities or states, meeting up weekly is often the norm. Long distance makes it tough to see each other more frequently.

The commute between you might simply be too far to manage multiple times a week. Even a 2-hour drive each way can take a big chunk of time out of your day. If one or both of you lack flexibility with work schedules, it’s even harder to coordinate.

Plus, the cost of gas or flights can really add up if you want to see each other several times a week. Not many budgets can sustain frequent back-and-forth trips. Once a week or every other weekend is much more affordable.

If You Both Prefer Space

For some couples, minimal time together just works. If you and your boyfriend are both super independent, seeing each other once a week may be ideal.

You might cherish having plenty of alone time or “me time.” You don’t need to be attached at the hip 24/7 in a healthy relationship. Embrace valuing your autonomy as an individual.

Perhaps you have very different interests or some friend groups that don’t overlap. Pursuing your own hobbies and social circles apart can be refreshing. Bringing your own unique passions adds more to talk about during dates!

As long as you’re both satisfied with only getting together on weekends, own it! Don’t force yourself into more time than you want. The key is being on the same page about expectations.

When Could Seeing Him Weekly Be An Issue?

While once a week meetups are fine in many cases, less frequent visits could signal problems in some circumstances.

If You’re Missing Him A Lot

Do you find yourself constantly counting down the days until you can see your boyfriend again? Are you left pining for more quality time together all week long? If you’re missing him like crazy between visits, it may be a sign that seeing each other weekly isn’t enough for you.

You shouldn’t have to feel like you’re enduring the time apart until the next date. Of course, missing your partner some is normal, but if you’re absolutely chomping at the bit to be together more often, your needs may not be getting met. Have an open and honest conversation with your guy about increasing how often you see each other.

If You Feel Disconnected

Have you noticed communication starting to slip recently? Do you struggle to stay caught up on the ins and outs of each other’s lives only seeing him weekly? Emotional and physical intimacy can definitely start to suffer without more face time.

If you find yourself out of sync, unsure of what’s going on in his world, or generally feeling distant, it likely means you two need to reconnect more frequently. You don’t want to grow apart just because you don’t have enough quality time. Prioritize nurturing your bond by scheduling more dates if possible.

If It Feels Like A Chore

Do you ever dread your once-a-week visits instead of looking forward to them? Or does your boyfriend seem disinterested, distracted, or disengaged when you do meet up? This lack of enthusiasm or chemistry could indicate bigger issues to address.

Neither of you should have to force yourselves through lukewarm hangouts. If getting together weekly feels like more of an obligation than a joy, reflect on why. Are you truly excited about this relationship, or have you both checked out? Having open conversations about your needs is key.

How Often Is Ideal?

When it comes to how often you should see your boyfriend, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. The ideal amount of time together truly depends on your unique situation as a couple.

Some partners are perfectly content only getting together once a week. For others, once or twice a week is preferred if it fits with both your schedules.

While every relationship is different, it’s reasonable to aim for at least one or two in-person dates per week if possible. This allows you to nurture intimacy, be physically affectionate, have meaningful conversations in real time, and stay up-to-date on each other’s lives.

If you can’t swing more than one visit weekly due to distance, demanding jobs, or other constraints, that’s understandable. In between seeing each other, be sure to stay connected through regular texts, phone or video chats, and thoughtful little updates.

Share funny moments from your day, progress on goals, new interests – whatever maintains that feeling of closeness even when apart. The frequency you meet up is less important than consistently showing up for each other emotionally.

Why Might He Only Want To Meet Weekly?

If your guy seems content only getting together once a week, there could be several reasons why.

He’s Genuinely Busy

If he has a packed work schedule, long commute, or other major time commitments, seeing you more often may honestly be tough for him. Try to be understanding if his reasons seem legitimate rather than excuses.

He’s Lost Interest

On the other hand, limited interest or effort on his part could indicate he’s checked out. When someone doesn’t prioritize spending time with you without a valid reason, it may raise a potential red flag in the relationship.

You’re Not a Priority

Similarly, if your guy seems to have plenty of free time and availability but doesn’t make an effort to carve out more of it for you specifically, it unfortunately may be a sign you’re not high on his priority list right now. And you deserve to feel like a priority!

Final Thoughts

I know it can feel awkward to bring this kind of thing up, but avoiding the convo usually just leaves you stewing. If seeing your boyfriend once a week is really leaving you unsatisfied, muster up the courage to have a thoughtful heart-to-heart.

Let him know where you’re coming from – you miss him and want to spend more quality time together. See if you can understand his perspective too. Maybe he’s more of an independent spirit, or work has him slammed.

Getting on the same page is crucial, but you have to voice your feelings and hear each other out first.

Remember, you deserve to have your needs met too. Wishing you clarity and closeness after you chat!