How to Treat Your Girlfriend on Her Period Long Distance?

Your girlfriend may be experiencing her menstrual cycle and if you find yourself separated by a considerable distance, it can be challenging to provide her with the physical comfort you might normally offer. 

How to Treat Your Girlfriend on Her Period Long Distance

However, there are thoughtful ways to ensure her comfort and well-being, even when you’re apart. Above all, being emotionally supportive and available for her during this time is of utmost importance.

If you’re wondering about the right words to say or actions to take when your partner is dealing with her period from afar, let’s explore practical steps you can take to help your girlfriend improve her week. Your efforts will be genuinely appreciated.

What are the things to do when your girlfriend is on her period?

You may consider yourself helpless in this situation. You are not even with her to help her out with the daily tasks and let her take it easy. Even though this is true, you can do many things to make up for your absence and make her feel better.

Here are a few suggestions for you to consider.

1. Talk to her

A quick phone call has the potential to brighten her day significantly. Reach out to her over the phone or through video chat and express your appreciation for her. She would appreciate your effort to video chat and stay connected with her despite your busy work schedule.

While on video chat, try to help divert her attention and make her feel better by engaging in conversations centered around cherished, positive memories you’ve shared. Maintaining a positive and uplifting dialogue will help distract her from any discomfort she may be experiencing.

2. Keep an eye on how she’s feeling

Being aware of your girlfriend’s menstrual cycle is a thoughtful gesture that not only shows your consideration but also allows you to anticipate her upcoming periods. You can easily achieve this by utilizing various free period-tracking applications available.

Being attuned to her cycle enables you to plan ahead, whether it’s sending a heartfelt letter or gifts in advance, ensuring they arrive at just the right time, and also keeping you informed about her next period.

3. Send a gift to comfort and cheer her

Now that you’ve got period-tracking apps at your disposal, you can plan ahead by sending a thoughtful gift. The most heartfelt and popular gift idea for long-distance relationships is creating ‘Open Only When’ letters. These letters are designed for various emotional states, such as sadness, happiness, anxiety, joy, gratitude, and more. It’s a personal and unique gift idea that stands out from the usual choices, and it’s budget-friendly.

Another wonderful option is to enlist the help of a family member or friend who knows her well. They can purchase flowers or chocolates and deliver them to her. Receiving a gift from someone she’s close to will undoubtedly be more meaningful than receiving it from a stranger. These small gestures can truly make a significant impact.

4. Send her charming messages

Surprise her with affectionate messages to bring a smile to her face unexpectedly. If you ever need inspiration for the content to text your girlfriend, consider exploring some creative texting ideas for long-distance relationships. While she may be physically distant, it’s important to reassure her of your unwavering presence, offer compliments, and, if in doubt, share humorous memes.

If she’s open to it, you can also stay connected through enjoyable card games together to entertain and distract her during this time apart.

5. Watch movies/shows/games online together

It’s time to host a Netflix get-together! Well, not a real party, because let’s face it, your girlfriend probably isn’t in the mood right now for a party. 

Sharing a Netflix session is a relaxed means to spend quality time together. Thanks to a Chrome extension, you can synchronize your Netflix viewing experience, ensuring you’re watching simultaneously without any time lag. So, kick back, unwind, get the popcorn ready, and enjoy watching your favorite movie or series on long-distance relationships.

6. Order her favorite meal

If you and your girlfriend stay within the country, you can order food through delivery services like Deliveroo, Uber Eats, or similar platforms to have a meal delivered right to her doorstep. If you’re feeling adventurous, you might even consider sending her a culinary treat from a neighboring country, although it’s advisable to test this out first.

It’s always a thoughtful gesture to tell her before arranging a meal delivery, as receiving unexpected food from an unknown sender could be a bit perplexing for her. Selecting food from the neighborhood restaurant she adores or opting for her favorite cuisine from her culture is a wonderful way to show your care and consideration. Trust me, from personal experience, food, especially good food, can be a lifesaver during those challenging period days!

7. Brighten her day with your positive attitude

During this time, she might appear emotionally distant and experience mood swings, but your small, affectionate gestures and consistent presence mean a lot. 

Regardless of the challenges that may arise (which can be relevant to long-distance relationships in general), it’s crucial to maintain a positive outlook and make efforts to maintain the atmosphere uplifting.

8. Reply to her texts as soon as you can

Being left without a response can be quite disheartening, especially when it involves your significant other. Any delay in receiving a reply can be both unusual and frustrating, particularly for long-distance relationships, especially for a girlfriend who is navigating her period. The definition of delay may vary from person to person. While some may find it hard to tolerate a five-minute delay, some may be okay with half an hour or even an hour.

It’s a good practice to ensure your phone is readily accessible at all times. It’s advisable not to set it on silent mode or activate the ‘do not disturb’ feature, as this could potentially exacerbate your girlfriend’s frustration due to delayed responses.

In situations where you anticipate being occupied, whether at work, in class, or elsewhere, where immediate responses might be challenging, consider sending a considerate voice or text message in advance, informing her that you’ll be momentarily occupied.

9. Figure out how you can help her

“Despite the distance that separates you, there are ways to provide assistance to your girlfriend with various tasks, especially during her period. It’s essential to consistently offer your help and be persistent in your support.

You can assist her with:

  1. Tasks related to school or work, such as drafting emails or providing input.
  2. Decide the movies you would like to watch together, ensuring her preferences are met.

10. Let her know your immense love for her

When a woman is on her menstrual cycle, she can experience significant hormonal fluctuations and sometimes even feelings of depression. It’s a period when her self-esteem may take a hit. It’s crucial to consistently remind her of how incredibly beautiful she is in your eyes.

A method often used to express affection in long-distance relationships is surprising the girlfriend with spontaneous gifts ordered from e-commerce platforms like Amazon. You can also text your girlfriend or talk to her.

Why is period so hard for a girl to manage?

When a woman is approaching or in the midst of her menstrual cycle, she may encounter PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) symptoms. As per medical experts, PMS comprises an array of physical as well as emotional indications that typically emerge about a week before menstruation. These symptoms can lead to mood swings in some individuals, while others may experience bloating and discomfort.

Just by considering this information, it’s evident that PMS affects people differently. Therefore, it’s important to understand that there is no guarantee that PMS impact your girlfriend. In case she is impacted, it’s crucial to understand that she might unintentionally express her frustrations or exhibit irrational mood swings during this time. It’s essential to recognize that she likely doesn’t intend to behave this way.

The Bottom Line

For a span of 3 to 8 days each month, a woman endures some of the most challenging physical discomforts. During this time, a man may also find himself in an uncomfortable situation if he’s unsure of how to offer support.

It’s vital to remain attentive and prepared for any situations that may arise during these days.

In long-distance relationships, providing comfort and support to your girlfriend can be a challenging task. Nevertheless, distance should not hinder your ability to express your love for her.

Even when separated by great distances, you can continue to nurture a deeply romantic connection. Thanks to technology, we have the means to remain emotionally close to the people we love despite the physical separation.

Here are some steps to take care of your girlfriend during periods in long-distance relationships:

  1. Be prepared to engage and listen calmly.
  2. Keep delightful surprises and organize virtual meal dates with video chats.
  3. Continuously remind her of her beauty and your love for her.
  4. Stay true to yourself and strive for enjoyable conversations, even if they seem one-sided due to her discomfort.