How To Kiss A Guy Shorter Than You?

Have you ever felt a little awkward about kissing someone shorter than you? It’s normal if you have. A significant height difference can make kissing tricky, but it doesn’t have to be a big deal. You can kiss a shorter guy with the right mindset and confident moves.

How To Kiss A Guy Shorter Than You

This article will give you tips to help you own your height difference. That way, you can focus on enjoying your kisses instead of worrying about how to make them work.

Whether he’s a few inches shorter or a head below you, these ideas will help you both feel comfortable. Then, you can have fun connecting and showing affection uniquely. 

Ready to master kissing with a short guy? Let’s start with the most critical mindset shift.

7 Tips To Kiss A Guy Shorter Than You

1. Get comfortable with your height difference

When you’re much taller, it’s easy to feel self-conscious about height differences when kissing. But don’t let it trip you up!

The key is fully accepting that you’re taller – and that it’s 100% okay. Don’t make a big deal about stooping or leaning down. Just go with the flow.

Your connection is way more important than any physical logistics. Focus on your shared affection and chemistry to help you both feel at ease.

With the right carefree vibe, maneuvering around a height difference won’t be a distraction from enjoying your kisses.

2. Make sure he feels comfortable

Give him plenty of affection and compliments so he feels desired, manly, and secure. The more comfortable you can help him think, the less self-conscious he’ll be.

This sets the stage for amazing kisses where you both feel confident and free to enjoy the moment together. You can also touch his lips while telling a joke. This shows you are an adventurous and spontaneous woman.

3. Level the playing field

Sit down together, stand on stairs, or lean back against something. You can also have the shorter person stand on a sturdy, low platform or step.

Equalizing your heights removes the awkwardness from the equation so you can focus on the kiss itself. Don’t be afraid to use your surroundings to find fun, natural ways to align yourselves at the same level.

4. Initiate the kiss

Take charge by being the one to initiate the kiss. It also shows confidence, which is very attractive!

Make eye contact, smile alluringly, and slowly move closer when the moment feels right. Tilt your chin down and gently press your lips to his. Don’t wait for the guy to muster up the courage – kiss him first instead!

5. Angle your face down

When you go in for a kiss, naturally angle your face down a bit to meet his lips. Don’t overthink it or try to contort your neck – just let your face tilt down gently. Allow your chin to tip forward so your mouths align.

Relax and let your instincts guide you. The kiss will flow smoothly if you stop worrying and just let yourself organically adjust to his height. As you are talking to him, slow down and look at him while getting closer to him physically.

6. Avoid high heels

We agree that not wearing high heels can be annoying sometimes because some clothes are designed to match heels to make the outfit work. 

However, on early dates, consider leaving the super-high heels at home. Wearing flats can minimize the height difference, so you feel less self-conscious kissing a shorter guy.

Once you get more comfortable with each other, by all means, wear your favorite heels again! But eliminating those extra inches at first can help make kissing feel natural from the start. There are surely some ways to allow you to dress well without wearing high.

7. Keep good posture

Be mindful of your posture to avoid straining your neck when leaning down. Stand up straight, step back to create space between you, and bend forward at the hips. Avoid hunching or crunching your shoulders.

Keeping your back straight and using your core muscles to pivot down gently allows you to bridge the height difference gracefully. Also, stand on the balls of your feet – wearing flats instead of high heels can improve your balance.

With a bit of practice, you can easily find a comfortable way to angle your body for kissable access. Stay aware of your alignment to discover the optimal way to kiss someone shorter.

Final Thoughts

When you are taller than the guy you are kissing, focusing on your enjoyment and connection is the most important thing. 

Remember to use your surroundings to creatively relate to how to kiss and make things more comfortable. Sit, lean, or stand on something to align your face. Taking the lead and initiating helps take the pressure off him. 

Most importantly, keep the vibe lighthearted, and don’t make the differences of your height a big deal. Compliment each other generously, and use humor if things ever get awkward. If you’re patient, you’ll figure out how to make kissing with a short guy feel exciting, natural, and full of chemistry.

With the right tips, you can feel confident embracing your taller height. Keep things casual, get creative with positioning, and let your affection shine through.

Once you stop worrying about logistics, you can enjoy being close to someone who makes you feel good.