49 Flirty Texts to Give a Guy Butterflies

Sending flirty texts to your crush or boyfriend that give him butterflies is a fun way to build your relationship. That excited, fluttery feeling when you get a sweet text from someone you like is the best!

how to give a guy butterflies texts

In this article, we give you 49 flirty text ideas to make your guy smile and get those sweet tummy flutters that happen when falling for someone. Your thoughtful words might elevate your relationship or take that crush to an official status!

We’ve created a super fun list of flirty, romantic, funny, and friendship-building texts to send to that special guy in your life.

Whether it’s your new crush from school that you daydream about, your best friend that you secretly have feelings for, your brand new boyfriend who gives you cute butterflies in your tummy, or your partner of many years who you still flirt with all the time. There’s something here for everyone!

1. I Can’t Stop Thinking About Our Last Date. It Was Magical

This text reminds him of the fantastic time you had together recently. Using a word like “magical” conveys how particular the date was and how he made you feel. It’s likely to make him smile as he remembers that great shared experience with you.

2. You Have the Cutest Smile That Brightens My Day

An appreciative text like this highlights something you find attractive about him – his smile. Letting him know the joy his smile brings you and how it uplifts you whenever you see it will give him those sweet, fluttery feelings.

3. I Loved Our Conversation Last Night. I Could Talk to You for Hours

Bring up a recent conversation you had that you enjoyed. Telling him you find conversing with him so attractive you could do it for hours flatters his conversational abilities. This shows you like who he is as a person.

4. You Make Me Laugh Like No One Else Can

If you two like to laugh together, this text lets him know he has an exceptional talent for humor that you love. Saying no one else makes you laugh like he does is a unique compliment just for him.

5. I Wish I Was With You Right Now

There’s something adorable and romantic about telling someone you wish you were physically in their presence at that moment. It conveys a desire to be together. This text is likely to make him feel missed and longed for.

6. You Are Seriously the Sweetest Guy I Know

We all love an uplifting compliment! Telling him you think he’s the sweetest guy in your world will make him feel special. It’s likely to conjure up that light, fluttery feeling.

7. Being Around You Makes Me So Happy

Letting someone know they are the source of your happiness is a beautiful sentiment. This text will assure him that his presence fills you with joy. Affectionate words that come straight from the heart mean a lot.

8. I Still Get Butterflies When I See You

Use the metaphor of “butterflies” to describe that excited, nervous, thrilled feeling you get when you see him. It’s a classic way to tell someone they give you fluttery tummy tickles, which is endearing!

9. You Impress Me More Each Day With How Thoughtful You Are

Compliment his personality by using descriptors like thoughtful. Pointing out admirable qualities you notice more and more each day shows how highly you think of him and how much attention you pay to the fantastic nuances of who he is.

10. I Can’t Wait to See You Again!

Count the moments until your next date with an enthusiastic message like this one. Straight-up telling him you’re eagerly anticipating your next in-person meet-up will make him feel amazing.

11. How Did I Get So Lucky to Meet Someone as Wonderful as You?

Point out how fortunate you feel to have him in your life by calling yourself “lucky.” Letting someone know you feel blessed to have them is very heartwarming. It emphasizes how highly you think of them.

12. You Made My Bad Day So Much Better. Thanks for Being You!

If he helped turn around a rough day for you, send a text like this expressing gratitude. Thanking someone for being themselves and for helping you feel better is an uplifting message.

13. I Loved Getting to Know You More on Our Hike Yesterday. Let’s Go Again!

Build excitement for another shared activity you both enjoy, like hiking. Remind him of the meaningful conversations and good times he had last time. Suggesting doing it again soon conveys eagerness to keep seeing and getting to know him.

14. Pizza and a Movie with You Sounds Perfect Right Now

Daydream together about favorite casual date ideas you’d enjoy, like getting pizza and watching a movie together. Using the word “perfect” emphasizes that simply being together sounds fantastic regardless of the activity.

15. I Can Talk to You About Anything, I Love That

Build emotional intimacy by telling him how much you appreciate having such open, honest communication. Knowing he’s someone you can confide in about anything without judgment is meaningful.

16. You Give the Warmest Hugs. I Always Feel So Cozy

Focus on the sweet physical affection you share, like beautiful hugs. His warm and cozy embrace shows how comforting and safe you feel in his arms. This flirty text builds intimacy.

17. You Have My Heart Racing With Just One Look. Wow!

A sensation like your heart suddenly racing when you see someone is one of the best examples of the “butterflies” feeling. Telling him he gives you that intense reaction with just a glance conveys powerful attraction.

18. Our Date Was Awesome. When Can I See You Again?

After a fantastic date, follow up to let him know you found the experience remarkable and are eagerly looking forward to the next date. This makes your interest clear.

19. You Are Always There When I Need Cheering Up. You’re the Best!

If he has supported you through difficult times, send a thoughtful text thanking him for being someone you can rely on for comfort and moral support when feeling down.

20. You Truly Get Me. I Can Fully Be Myself With You

Having someone “get you” and accept every quirk and flaw is very special. Let him know he provides a judgment-free space to be vulnerable and honest without pretense. Safety breeds intimacy.

21. Being Around You Feels Like Magic

Describe the atmosphere when you’re together as magical to convey the euphoric, blissful feeling he gives you. It’s poetic to say his presence fills you with joy and delight.

22. You Make Me Feel Like the Luckiest Girl Alive

Express your sheer happiness and gratitude at having him in your world by saying he makes you feel luckier than anyone else. Such lavish praise is very romantic and flattering.

23. The Way You Look at Me Gives Me Flutters

Make eye contact sound incredibly intimate by saying the way he gazes at you gives you butterflies. Eyes locking with someone who looks at you adoringly is electrifying.

24. I Wish Time Would Stop When We’re Together

Telling him you always want your special moments together to last forever emphasizes how much you cherish being with him. It’s a poetic, dreaming-out-loud style text.

25. My Heart Skips a Beat When I Get a Message From You

Does an alert that he’s sent you a text or message make your heart do little leaps? Let him know reading his words gives you a sweet rush of excitement. It’s very charming.

26. Talking with You is My Favorite Part of the Day

Let him know that the conversations you have together are the absolute best out of everything that happens in your daily life. This shows how much you value connecting with him.

27. Thanks for Always Knowing How to Make Me Smile

Gratitude and appreciation texts like this highlight his ability to lift your mood regularly. Thanking someone regularly for making you happy is very endearing.

28. I Loved Getting Lost in Conversation with You for Hours

Bring up a recent engaging conversation where you effortlessly chatted for a long time. Reminiscing about quality time talking together builds connection.

29. You Challenge Me to Think in Ways I Never Would Alone

Intellectual stimulation is very bonding. Tell him conversing together expands your viewpoint since he gets you thinking about things in novel ways. It’s flattering.

30. I Can’t Keep My Eyes Off You Because You Take My Breath Away

Gush about being so aesthetically awe-struck by his looks you can’t help but stare. Telling someone they take your breath away conveys intense magnetic attraction!

31. You Believe in All My Dreams. No One Has Ever Done That Before

Telling someone they support and encourage even your most outrageous hopes and goals means a lot. It emphasizes how much he believes in you and provides inspiration.

32. Being Around You is Intoxicating in the Best Possible Way!

Liken his presence to something intoxicating to convey feeling delighted, joyful, and enthralled when you’re together. It’s a dramatic, euphoric description.

33. You Saw More in Me Than Anyone Ever Has Before

Let him know that he recognized inner qualities, talents, and potential in you that others overlooked. It’s very appreciative praise of how he sees the best in you.

34. Everything Seems More Beautiful and Magical When You’re Here

A message describing the world itself seeming more wondrous when he’s around paints the picture that he adds color and magic to your life. Very romantic!

35. My Heart Flutters Every Time You Call Me Your Girl

Hearing affectionate claims like being “his girl” makes you rush every single time. Statements of feeling belonging and being cared for are very bonding.

36. You Make Me Want to Be Bold and Adventurous!

Let him know he inspires you to push past your comfort zone and be brave. Saying someone encourages you to try thrilling new things conveys they make you feel alive.

37. I Feel Dazzlingly, Brilliantly, Joyfully Alive When We’re Together

Describe the euphoric intensity of happiness you feel in their presence using vivid words like dazzling, brilliant, and joyful. It emphasizes the life-giving energy between you.

38. My Heart Skips a Beat Whenever We Have a New Inside Joke

Inside jokes you share are delightful symbols of intimacy. Mention how forming such personal bonds and laughing together thrills you.

39. Being Vulnerable with You Comes So Naturally. It’s Amazing!

Have meaningful conversations led to easy vulnerability with him? Text to praise how open and trusting the environment he co-creates feels. Safety builds closeness.

40. No One Gets Me Going Like You Do with Just One Kiss

A simple kiss from him has the power to arouse you intensely. That passion is exhilarating to text about! It conveys magnetic, sensual chemistry.

41. I Love That You Enjoy Simple Pleasures As Much As Lavish Ones

Is he someone who can have just as much fun on an impromptu picnic as a luxury vacation? If you appreciate that zest for life’s simple joys, send this text giving thanks for it!

42. My Heart Still Flutters Just Like Our First Date

Refer to the excitement and new relationship energy you felt on your first date. Saying he still gives you fluttery feelings emphasizes the magic is still alive!

43. You Make Me Feel Brave Enough to Face Any Challenge

Support is empowering. Let him know that when you’re tackling difficulties, major or minor, he encourages you with the courage to power through and not feel alone.

44. Being Wrapped In Your Arms Feels Like the Safest Place

Describe how physically embracing him makes you feel secure, protected, and comforted. Messages about experiencing his hug as a haven convey you trust him deeply.

45. Every New Thing I Learn About You Draws Me In Even More

Let him know that the more layers you uncover and things you discover about him, the more fascinated you become. It emphasizes your desire to keep going deeper together.

46. Hearing Your Key in the Door Gives Me Flutters of Excitement

Even a simple sound like the jingling of his keys unlocking the door thrills you because you know that means he’s home! Describing little joys like this is very bonding.

47. I Loved Waking Up Next to You. It Felt So Cozy and Right

Send a warm, fuzzy text the morning after you wake up together for the first time. Describing it as feeling perfectly comfy and natural creates intimacy.

48. You Make Me Want to Dance Like No One’s Watching! Pure Joy

The desire to dance spontaneously arises when you’re overwhelmed with happiness. Channel that feeling by telling him he invokes childlike, uninhibited joy in you!

49. I Love Laughing Hysterically About Silly Stuff With You for Hours. It’s the Best Medicine!

Bond over shared laughter by reminiscing over funny anecdotes or inside jokes that crack you both up endlessly. It shows you don’t take life too seriously together.

Final Thoughts

Sending these playful, thoughtful texts can make his heart flutter with excitement and deepen your bond.

We hope these tips and advice inspire you for texts that will give a guy butterflies over text and make him feel special.

When someone takes the time to send us affectionate messages, we can’t help but feel grateful. If you’re falling in love with someone, thoughtful communication helps them feel cared for in the way they deserve.

So, tap into your imagination and send him some texts that give fluttery, butterfly feelings! Making someone you admire feel appreciated and missed is such a gift.