Does Drunk Flirting Show True Intentions?

When you’re sharing drinks with a person, you may engage in flirtatious behavior. You may even reach out to those you’re fond of through calls and texts.

Does Drunk Flirting Show True Intentions

However, there’re instances when you find yourself disliking the person you are drinking alcohol with. Perhaps their behavior or actions have a negative impact on you. In such situations, not only do you abstain from flirting with the person, but you also choose to ignore their words and deeds.

This indifference evokes feelings of revulsion and disgust. Being inebriated does not automatically mean you feel sexual attraction for everyone or everything around you. Intoxication does not cause you to develop romantic feelings for this person. 

Continue reading to debunk the misconceptions surrounding drunk people, drunkenness, drunk flirting, sexual attraction, and more!

15 Signs to Decipher Drunk Flirting

Body language is a good indication of what the person means. The gaze, the smile, and the stressed syllables are all signs that you can use to understand the innermost thoughts and feelings of drunk people. 

Here are some signs you should look out for.

1. Signs of Interest

If a person blushes in their drunkenness while flirting with you with a total lack of flirting skills, it could indicate that they have feelings for you. You’ll sense the tension as they try to flirt and observe their keen interest in your reaction. This won’t feel like an ordinary encounter; instead, you might find yourself blushing in response, wanting to prolong the moment.

2. Undivided Attention

While flirting, this person won’t divert their gaze elsewhere, disregarding their surroundings and other people. They focus solely on you, making the moment significant because of your presence.

For instance, this person may indirectly indicate their interest in you by singing a romantic song in a public setting. Although initially unaware, you will eventually realize the situation.

3. Prior Confessions and Determination

If the drunken person has previously expressed their feelings for you and continues to flirt while intoxicated, it is evident that they are interested in you. Their consistent pursuit of you, both sober and drunk, reinforces their commitment and loyalty.

They refuse to be easily swayed by others and are genuinely interested in you. In case you’re single, it may be worth considering giving them an opportunity.

4. Established Connection

If you know the flirting drunk person, it signifies a deep emotional connection and maybe sexual attraction. Over time, they have developed feelings for you, finding you attractive both inside and out. Their confidence stems from this connection and awareness of your cautious approach to relationships.

So they feel comfortable opening up to you. In such cases, a friendly or casual flirtation can be encouraged, allowing you to observe their reactions the day after before making any decisions.

5. Mutual Attraction

You secretly admire this person, and they will find it easy to sense it from your expressions. They recognize how much you are enjoying their company, and if they were to consult with others, they might even consider bringing you to the forefront.

While they are being friendly and kind, it is still being determined if their words hold true. Observe how they interact with others; if they are giving you special treatment exclusively, it could mean that you hold a deeper place in their heart beyond mere friendship. Sexual attraction may be on the cards.

6. Holding Hands

If the drunk person is bold enough to hold hands with you while flirting, it signifies a meaningful connection. Random flirts wouldn’t dare to make such a gesture. If the way they touch you feels natural, there’s a genuine bond between you, reaching beyond the surface level.

7. Feet Pointing Toward You

Observe if their feet are directed toward you while you’re sitting near this person. If they try to interlock or touch your leg with theirs, it’s a sign of intense interest. If you appreciate the attention, embrace it. However, if it feels forceful, you shouldn’t continue this company.

8. Unconditional Leaning

When they lean toward you and flirt unconditionally while intoxicated, it shows trust. You hold significance in their lives, and they view you as someone reliable. Trust should be mutual, and your decision to support them reveals your soft spot for them. Trust your instincts.

9. Emotional Expression

If they become emotional while flirting, no doubt, there’s a connection. It’s uncommon for emotions to surface during flirting, indicating that they have invested emotionally in you. But, if you don’t share the same emotional connection or feel sexual attraction, reconsider before proceeding.

10. Acute Observations

Impressing you with in-depth observations about you suggests a deep understanding. It demonstrates that they are aware of you over an extended period and develop genuine feelings. If this is the case, they won’t rush into a relationship but will softly woo you, making it hard to resist.

11. Sing to You

The drunk person is showcasing their flirting skills when they sing to you. While you may enjoy singing along and having a wonderful time, be cautious about rushing into something that you might regret later on. They might be seeking a fun experience. Relax, take it easy, and explore the wonders of togetherness.

12. Inviting You to Dance with Them

If they not only flirt but also romantically invite you to dance, love is brewing. They have strong feelings for you. Companionships like this are often cherished and valued.

They will go overboard, making you feel cherished and igniting a desire within you. Most likely, you won’t resist their advances, as they often prefer to take the lead.

13. Taking Your Name with Emotion

If they say your name unhurriedly while breathing deeply, it signifies a deep emotional connection. Such relationships can become highly romantic and emotional. They would love to be with you wholeheartedly, but if they cannot, they will admire you from afar to avoid needless drama.

14. Hand Kisses

If, in their drunkenness, they surprise you by kissing your hand, it clearly means they are romantically interested in you and have respect. They aren’t interested in making you uncomfortable and intend to court you during this time.

Become aware of being courted and appreciate its importance, as few understand and pay attention to it. In case you feel a connection with the drunk person and feel that it is worth the effort, give them the green light.

15. Consistent Support

If someone is consistently there for you when you are looking for help, it’s a sign of a special emotional connection. Avoid overthinking and enjoy the journey. Cherish the moments they share with you and express gratitude for their loyal presence. Show them you value them by reciprocating their support whenever you can.

What Should You Do When Someone is Drunk Flirting?

It’s important to consider your own interests when someone flirts with you. If you feel sexual attraction for them, feel free to flirt back. However, if you’re not interested, it’s best to create some distance before it becomes complicated. Here are some tips on how to handle the situation:

When You’re Interested

Flirting in Return

In case you’re interested in the person flirting with you, reciprocate their advances. Find a balance between genuine appreciation and playful banter. Acknowledge their good flirting lines and respond with your own charm. Flirting can help build sexual tension and create a connection between you.

Holding Hands

In case they’re flirting but keeping a distance, offer your hand as a gesture to bridge the gap. It shows your willingness to get closer and spend time together. Engaging in activities of mutual interest, such as singing karaoke or playing games, can further enhance the connection.

Seizing the Moment

If you have been crushing on the person flirting with you for a while, don’t hesitate to act on your feelings. Seize the opportunity and give them a passionate kiss, expressing your genuine emotions. Make the experience memorable, and enjoy the journey together.

Responsibly Handle Intoxication

If you care about them genuinely, avoid taking advantage of their intoxicated state. Confessing your feelings when they’re drunk may not be meaningful, as they may not remember it clearly. Instead, offer them a non-alcoholic beverage and ensure they are feeling better before parting ways.

Offering a Hug

Giving them a warm hug can provide comfort and help them relax if they are trying to put in too much effort to impress you. A hug will create a sense of emotional release and intimacy, especially when it comes from someone special.

Openly Expressing Feelings

In case you both share mutual feelings, find a way to convey your emotions so that they will remember. Send this person a heartfelt message or write a letter expressing your affection. You can even add a romantic touch by creating a coded message or puzzle that they can decipher when sober, making a memorable beginning to your loving relationship.

Taking Care of Them

If they’re heavily intoxicated and you are concerned about their well-being, offer to take them home. When you take on this responsibility, you are showing your genuine concern. This act of kindness will leave a lasting impression and deepen the bond between you.

Providing Nourishment

Bringing them eatables can be helpful in sobering them up faster. It demonstrates that your interest goes beyond mere sexual attraction and shows that you value something substantial between you.

Spending Time Together

If they’ve expressed a need for companionship, and you reciprocate the feelings, you may spend the night together. However, it’s important to clarify intentions and ensure both parties are on the same page. Starting a relationship based on friendship and genuine connection is often the best approach.

Timing is Key

Instead of immediately bombarding them with questions, choose the appropriate moment to discuss your feelings. Allow things to unfold naturally and plan a conversation when it feels appropriate. Avoid coming across as desperate, and maintain a sense of confidence.

Remember, it’s crucial to prioritize your own feelings and act in a way that aligns with your genuine desires.

When You aren’t Interested

If someone flirts with you and you’re either in a committed relationship or uninterested, it’s important to make it known. Here are some simple ways to handle the situation:

Ensure their Safety

If the drunk person flirting is your friend, help them to reach home. Offer to take them home yourself or arrange for a cab. The day after, observe whether they have any recollection of the previous night. In case they bring it up and apologize, let it go and think no further. If not, assess their personality to determine whether they are easygoing and not to be considered seriously.

Avoid Humoring Them

One of the best approaches when dealing with an undesirable flirt is to avoid engaging with them. Not reciprocating their advances sends a clear message of disinterest. Change your company, avoid making eye contact, pretend that you’re busy on your phone, or call your best friend or partner. Even a persistent flirt will understand the hint and eventually stop.

Assist with Sobriety

In case you aren’t interested in the drunk person but they are not behaving inappropriately, you can help them sober up. Offer them lemonade or food to help them regain clarity. However, be cautious of any signs of misconduct and prioritize your own safety.

Be Supportive

If a friend is the one flirting, even if they have inappropriate tendencies, abandoning them while they are intoxicated isn’t right. If they seek attention, comfort, or companionship, it indicates that they are feeling lonely. Be compassionate, be patient, speak softly, and offer a comforting presence. Hold their hand and listen to them if it feels safe.

Let Mutual Friends Take Over

If you are not friendly with the flirting person you are drinking alcohol with but share mutual friends, it’s best to let them take over the responsibility. This way, you no longer have the responsibility for their safety and well-being. People familiar with them will take care of them.

The Bottom Line

When faced with a drunk flirt, trust your instincts and act in a way that feels authentic to yourself. Never succumb to peer pressure because it may lead to regrets. Making decisions based on your own judgment empowers you to navigate the situation with confidence.