Cute Vs. Handsome – What’s The Difference?

You may have heard girls refer to guys as cute or handsome. You may have wondered why some guys are called cute while others are described as handsome guys.

Cute Vs. Handsome

It’s not often that girls comment on guys on their appearance. Even if this happens, girls are quite subtle about it. Guys may not always get it; it baffles them.

For your information, both the terms – cute and handsome – are used in a good sense. Nothing negative or bad about them. But they are used in different contexts, come with varying connotations, and convey diverse meanings. 

Cute is typically used to describe the appearance, personality, or vibe exuded. On the other hand, the word handsome is used exclusively to describe the looks of the guy.

Now, let’s face the real question. Is a cute guy better than a handsome man or the other way around? Read on to learn which one is better than the other.

Cute vs handsome – What is the difference?

Both terms – cute and handsome – are used to describe men by women. While the word “cute” is also used to specify babies, children, and young adults, handsome is used almost exclusively for adult men.

Cute is an adjective often used to indicate that the person being described is quite small or those who are normally attractive. However, handsome conveys the image of a tall person with strong, masculine features. 

These two terms – cute and handsome – also differ in the connotations they carry. When someone is referred to as “cute” it is meant to describe their physical appearance, personality type, or vibes exuded. But the word “handsome” is used to define the looks of the person.

While cute also may imply that the person described is innocent and innocuous like a child, handsome is a descriptive term used for people who are strong, masculine, and powerful. 

Why does a girl describe a guy as cute?

In particular girls. Why do girls call guys cute or handsome?

When a girl describes a guy as cute or handsome, it is because of what she notices in the guy. Often a girl calls a guy cute as a term of affection. Most probably, there is nothing more to this.

Maybe she isn’t yet ready to reveal her real feelings about the guy. If she likes the guy but doesn’t want to announce it yet, she will describe him as cute. But it is not possible to generalize this interpretation. 

Sometimes a girl calls a guy cute as an insult; in a sarcastic way. You can usually discern this from her demeanor, but there are times when you will find this confusing. Then, it is better to ask her.

Here are some more interpretations of the term “cute” used by girls to describe guys.

1. He has a good sense of humor

Humor sense is something others easily notice in a person and appreciate. It acts as a bridge connecting people. A girl will definitely notice this, but term it as “cute”. She’s saying that she likes the guy’s company and finds him attractive. 

A girl may call a guy cute also because she thinks he is charming and physically attractive. 

2. He is good looking

When a girl uses the term “cute” to describe a guy, it may be because she finds him physically attractive. Though there are other facets of being attractive such as a sense of humor, personality, and intelligence. 

More often than not, physical attractiveness is the most noticeable feature of a person. This is something that helps in forming the first impression about someone. It can influence our perception of the person and decide whether we want to know them better.

3. He’s child-like

When she refers to a guy as “cute”, it may be meant as a compliment or in a sarcastic way. Clearly, she wants to let others know that the guy is like a child. This can mean that she thinks he has child-like innocence. 

Or, she may use the same term as a slur or a snub. She may be insinuating that the guy is not mature or sophisticated enough to be an adult.

There is only one way to know what a girl intends when she calls a guy cute. You need to know what is in her mind and what she actually thinks about the guy. Her intention is all that matters. The reaction should be based on this.

If she means it in a positive sense, enjoy the moment and be happy. If she uses it with sarcastic undertones, just ignore it.

What do they mean when someone calls you handsome?

When a girl calls a guy a handsome man, it invariably means that she finds him attractive in the physical sense. She is clearly referring to his physical attractiveness. She is indicating that she considers you attractive and appreciates your style.

This may not be as difficult for a guy to interpret as he is already aware that he is attractive. He must be used to such compliments. He can easily understand that she likes him. 

Here are a few more interpretations of the word “handsome”.

1. She’s impressed by your looks

When a girl is not ready to reveal that she finds a guy attractive, she may call him a handsome guy. This is her way of letting the guy know that she considers him appealing and is interested in him. 

The word “handsome” is solely reserved for describing outward appearance. So, when she calls a guy handsome, there is no ambiguity in this.

2. She may have a hidden agenda

She may not be simple and straightforward. She may have secret motives for calling him a handsome guy. It is possible to know about this only after knowing the situation. A girl may use the term to flatter a guy and make him feel good.

She may also say this to get the guy to fall for her. She may be using it as a word of compliment to realize her objective. Unless we know her motive, it is hard to predict what she really means.

3. She is reciprocating

You may have complimented her in some manner earlier and she is using the opportunity to say something nice about you. She is clearly impressed by your words of compliments and pleased with the attention she is getting. She just wants to be nice and return the favor.

Cute vs handsome – Which is the better one?

In the world of relationships, some words are used quite often to describe others. Each one of them has certain connotations and is used in specific circumstances. 

The term “cute” is usually used to mean that the person is appealing and charming in a pure and innocent way. It may also include that the person described is quite young.

Handsome is a word used for older, more mature, and masculine guys. It is also implied that this guy is attractive in a conventional way. 

It’s hard to say which is the better of the two. It all depends on the intention of the girl saying it and the mindset of the guy listening. While some consider the word “cute” endearing, others might like the term “handsome” more.

As we are using these terms to describe a guy, most people may consider the word “handsome” a better choice than the word “cute”. But “cute” has its own charm as it denotes innocence and youthfulness. Moreover, “cute” refers to more than the physical appearance of the person.

There is no definite answer to the question of which is better – cute or handsome? It depends on individual mindsets and preferences.

The Last Word

Although these two may sound similar, there is a world of difference between cute and handsome. 

Cute reminds one of innocence and youthfulness, while handsome is more mature and formal. Cute can be used for babies, kids, and even pets, while handsome is used only for grownup men. 

From a guy’s perspective, he may prefer the word “handsome”, but women tend to favor “cute”. Women may want men to be cute as there is an indirect implication that they are easy to deal with, unlike the more intimidating handsome men. 

So, for a guy, it is advantageous to be referred to as “cute” as it means the girl is interested in him. A cute guy has more chances of landing in a relationship with a girl than a handsome one.