9 Benefits Of Dating A Widow

Dating a widow may seem tricky. You might think she can’t open her heart again. But dating a widow is 100% worth it!

Benefits Of Dating A Widow

Widows are strong, caring partners. Grief changes folks for the better usually. This widow embraces life’s sweetness now. She wants to share it with someone new.

Let’s go through 9 major benefits of dating a widow in this article. So, open your heart, and see what could happen happily when dating a widow. 

1. Independence

When you’re dating a widow, it’s refreshing that she doesn’t need saving. Her widowhood forced her to be scrappy and independent. Grief isn’t something that can make you a helpless victim when you have kids to feed.

You are moving forward after a loss, which means learning to rely on your grit to solve problems. Lost a spouse means you may have found reserves of strength you never knew you had. The widow you’re dating won’t depend on a new partner for her happiness.

2. Appreciation of Life

Gratitude for each new day is part of moving forward with life after loss. A widow knows life is precious and short. She may come at love with more passion and delight in shared moments.

Rather than interpret romance as a means to an end goal, she sees your relationship as something to savor. Dating a widow means anything you experience together – exotic trips to rainy day cuddling – takes on new richness.

3. Intentional Choice

When you’re dating a widow, know that she chose you mindfully. Her days of needing a partner to feel whole are gone.

A romantic relationship now holds meaning as an intentional experience she’ll weave beautifully into the tapestry of her days. She’s learned loss puts petty dramas in perspective. Arguments are counterproductive.

The widow isn’t looking for you to complete her. She wants to walk beside you, fully present, with nothing held back. A widow won’t try to clip your wings. She likes both of you to soar while building another relationship where passion expands. It’s actually about connection, not control. She welcomes your love without taking anything away from the love she’ll always have for the past.

4. Depth of Love

When dating a widow, know that grief and loss don’t mean she loves with any less enthusiasm. On the contrary, she understands life is fleeting, and each shared moment is a gift. Openly receiving love may have felt frivolous before the ache of absence taught her otherwise.

Now, inviting a new partner’s affection holds new meaning. She knows bonds between cherished souls can grow exponentially. She’ll grieve if required, but without ever doubting love’s power to uplift and expand even a broken heart.

5. Strength and Resilience

Consider this before dating someone who has lost a spouse – she has already encountered the worst emotional agony imaginable. Having to pick up the pieces and carry on takes a resiliency few comprehend.

Widows grieve. Then, they learn to stand tall, time and again. Dating one means her courage will inspire you. Pettiness and minor complaints bore her, meaning matters. Arguments seem pointless when she understands how suddenly a loved voice can go silent.

6. Focus on What Matters

A widow’s friends and family may feel cautious about her finding a new relationship. Doubts are understandable. But she has had enough time to know her mind; life is for a living!

She needed months or years to grieve deeply, recover her spark, and become ready to date again. A widow now knows that minor gripes looming significantly fade fast when a crisis hits.

Yes, she cherishes time together. But she won’t demand your constant company. Needing patience and willingness to embrace life’s changes has taught her codependence serves no one. She can stand alone or beside you with equal fulfillment.

7. Authenticity

The dating world can seem superficial when you start dating after losing a partner. But a widow knows well that life is too short for games. She’ll express her passions, fears, and feelings without pretending always to have it together.

Dating someone so openly authentic can be strangely freeing. I don’t think it’s a lack of filter; she values honesty and connection above keeping up appearances.

8. Self-Awareness

The bereaved tend to develop deep stores of compassion. A widow knows viscerally how even well-meant words can wound after a loved one’s loss. She’ll choose her words carefully and read contexts and body language for the discomfort she might unintentionally trigger.

It’s essential that you and those close to you feel comfortable discussing your late wife when memories surface. She’ll never forget loss makes one raw; still, communicating with empathy matters more than walking on eggshells to avoid ever mentioning the deceased spouse.

9. Lust for Life

A widow had to rebuild passion and purpose after loss. She now knows that genuinely living means coaxing meaning from sorrowful hours and leaning hard into joy.

Rather than see romantic attention as a consolation prize, she feels uniquely privileged if a new suitor chooses her. Why? Because she understands now her worth never depended on being someone’s wife. She was whole before; she is complete now.

Any partner who joins her in writing a new chapter will discover she needs no one to feel complete. Her zest reflects just wanting to build meaningful relationships. She cherishes having loving witnesses to squeeze fulfillment from each moment left.

For someone who has conquered grief, stifling love’s call seems foolish when time and life are precious! You will seldom meet someone so alive. It’s worth the effort for those ready to live and love genuinely.

Final Thoughts

Starting to date after a loss requires bravery. Any widower or never married person you meet will respect your strength venturing into the unpredictable world of dating.

If you hit bumps visualizing a serious relationship, use your support group. Talking helps deal with confusion. Hard to interpret cues? Be open, not afraid. Nothing wrong with seeking love if both people feel ready to bond after grief.

Always remember – no one replaces a dead spouse. Each new date and possible partner is unique. Family and friends would suffer greatly to lose you too. The right match will embrace your story with care.

You are worthy of tips for dating joy right where you are now. Make the first move to let affection grow. Tend patience and grace as seeds of happiness sprout. This life is yours; savor it by reaching out.