Uncovering the secrets of long-lasting romance, one heart at a time

Hey there! We’re Jane and Matt, high school sweethearts who have been inseparable since our first date at the ice cream parlor. We created AffectionZone.com to share our passion for building strong, lasting relationships.

A Love Story Begins

We met on the first day of 10th grade biology. I (Jane) thought Matt was cute, but WAY out of my league! Little did I know he secretly had a crush on me too. It took 3 months of shy glances across the classroom before Matt finally asked me to be his girlfriend. Squeezing his hand that day sent butterflies bursting in my stomach. 20 years later, he still gives me that flutter!

Our Shared Passion

As our young love blossomed into a deep lifelong partnership, we realized how important communication, trust and intimacy were in nurturing a healthy bond. We love learning new tips and techniques to strengthen our own connection while guiding others in theirs. That’s why we created AffectionZone – to share our relationship wisdom with you!

Why AffectionZone.com?

After weathering life’s ups and downs together, we know firsthand how hard yet rewarding long-term love can be. We want to provide inspiration, advice and community for couples at any stage of their journey. Consider us your personal cheerleaders, ready to encourage you through all of love’s many adventures!

Our Promise to You

At AffectionZone, you’ll get 100% real talk from two people who have been the relationship trenches. We’ve lived the challenges we write about, so you can trust our guidance comes from experience, not theory. We’re in your corner!

Let’s Connect

Don’t be shy – leave us comments, shoot us emails, join the conversation! We can’t wait to hear your love stories and questions. Let’s build an amazing community of supportive, loving partners.

Thank You for Being Here

We’re truly honored you’ve joined us. Thank you for letting us share our passion for relationships with you. We just know we’re going to be lifelong friends!

With love, Jane & Matt